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Develop a Relationship with Self- is Self-Awareness to Self-Realization training through meditation, self-inquiry with Jnana yoga. Along with the Virtual Ashram was born out of KumariDevi’s sincere desire to share new paradigms of living life consciously. Offering authentic, yet revolutionary methods to awaken. Spiritual practices are designed to bring a radical transformation of how you experience and live life.

Transforming and empowering anyone who dares to know the self.

Step into the Greatest Evolution of You

No other time in history has self-realization been so available and Kumari’s practices bring you closer to your truth-

  • Everything in your life first originates from your memory.
  • Whatever you need to learn is then projected into the world for manifestation.
  • Everyone and everything is your reflection.
  • The power is in you.
  • You are your most powerful ally.
  • Nothing is more powerful than relying on the Self without fear or doubt.

About Our Name

Kumara or Sanatkumara is the influence of these advance teachings. Sanatkumara is the known in Hinduism as the first son of Shiva (manifested god) and the brother of Ganesh (elephant god). Known by other names Lord Muruga the originator of the Inner Circle-Ashram MembershipYoga Sutras, Lord Kartikeya, Skandha and Subrahmanya. It was reported that SaiBaba (S. India guru) received his grace from Subrahmanya.

The Sanatkumara energy is woven into every religion and philosophy on Earth. It’s woven through everyone’s soul.  In the Bible as the Ancient of Days and the Holy Spirit, to Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, Hawaiian god Ku and of course Hindu and Buddhism as Skanda.  No only on Earth but throughout the universe and into other solar systems as well. Kumara is a force-field–an other wordly transformational energy of love.

Why Kumara

Our founder, KumariDevi began channeling Sanatkumara in the early 1980s while in Los Angeles at the onset of the New Age movement. It was through those initial channeled messages that she became privy of her karmic relationship with Sanatkumara and her purpose with this deity. She learned she was the first of the 144,000 masters to be chosen to come to this plane of existence for the transformation of Earth and its people. She no longer channels in the traditional sense however, the energy of Sanatkumara is still present with her.

Sanatkumara in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, focuses on the “ego mind” or the limiting ego mind. KumariDevi continues this work to dismantle personal suffering and leads you to your God within.

** Based on research in quantum physics we live in a hologram. Our reality is a virtual image, an illusion that is not real. The mind is holographic, meaning it can only reflect back what’s programmed in it.  Michael Talbort’s “Holographic Brain” here. Or, explore further, read Dr. Peter T. ChoppingReality is not solid. It’s empty space and resembles a hologram, says Micael Ledwith, PhD.