Change Your Mind

From an early age you are programmed to believe in things you can’t achieve rather than things you can do. The word “No” plays havoc in the thinking mind creating doubt and uncertainty.

Most often the word “no” came with a force or anger or a strong tone in the voice causing an imprint and emotional memory to form. In earlier life experiences when anger combined with the word “no” it caused an impact in the child’s mind.This setup in a child’s mind the pattern of “doing something wrong.”  While love follows “yes” and is gentler and compassionate its impact isn’t felt so dramatically.

Are you a parent? Experiment and change how you speak to your children by neutralizing the yes/no paradigm or use the same tone in your voice as you do with” no” with “yes”.

As adults notice the next time someone says “no” and see if you experience an emotional memory and get triggered. You’ll feel it in either your solar plexus or heart as a tightening of energy. This emotional indicator is a clue experiences are not yet resolved in you.

To assist in healing the feeling you are doing something wrong use this emotional healing download-click here.