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Powerful Guided Meditations



A guided emotional healing and chakra visualization that unwinds cellular and emotional memory from the body and mind. Connect you to your divine self via the chakras. Purify Your Body Temple is powerful. Marry your lower self with the higher self. Each time you practice the meditation you peel more layers off.  Set to beautiful flute music, you are guided by KumariDevi  takes one hour to complete.



White Light guided meditation is a chakra healing meditation. It’s approximately 30 minutes.



Om Meditation is a guided meditation. The visualization evokes OM through your chakras to open and align each one.

Inner Child Healing Visualization

Inner Child

A powerful way to begin your personal relationship with the Divine in you. As a child you are the nearest to your Divine self. As life takes over you begin to separate from this innate part and lose innocence, creativity, intuition and love. To start your process of self-awareness mend the feeling of separation and feel self-empowered, loved and open your heart to new opportunities.

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