Healing Background

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KumariDevi’s Body of Light

In 1993, an ordinary massage turned into a transformational healing session. In the original healing sessions, it was like a science movie, KumariDevi (Paula) held onto a clients’ foot, and an entirely new world opened. She gazed at the internal masterpiece of the physical body–a holographic information center where the structures of the mind, of internal organs, nervous and endocrine systems, emotional memories and thoughts reside. A powerful healing energy streamed through her body and directly into diseased tissues.

She saw a cris/cross pattern field of energy that she termed as the electro-magnetic field. A grid of intelligence. The grid reaches into the universal frequencies of Earth and beyond. This electromagnetic grid structure is in the etheric field. When she alters the grid changes filter down into the physical and clients become happier and healthier less burdened by past choices and the physical body miraculously heals.

KumariDevi’s Body of Light links you to higher consciousness through the grid of intelligence  – a matrix web connecting inner to outer energetic frequencies. Individual grid structures link to higher evolutionary grids, permitting light pulsations to directly affect changes within the physical body. The grids bring together a tonal frequency that governs the regeneration of the human system.

Individual grids often break from emotional experiences and traumas. Planetary grids also break but on a grander scale.  As we increase our desire to shift individual awareness, this desire lightens the energy load, shifting limitation to liberation and we become clearer and happier.

A permanent link is established between you and your own personal grid intelligence to the universal consciousness, the divine Will. When personal grids are connected traumas release, limiting emotional memory shifts, and a clearer understanding is activate and you become free to experience love.

From simple to complex… all is addressed during a session.  Healing is simply miraculous.

KumariDevi’s Body of Light has transformed over the years, honing more directly into the foundation of emotional beliefs and limitation where the answers lie to why the physical body heals or not. Her intuitive vision into the human structure is prophetic. She has the intuitive ability to reconstruct belief patterns and shift the old models of thinking into new empowering paradigms rather quickly.