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Health and Life Coaching

People get ill for different reasons and each disease or injury tells you that change is necessary. Bringing a whole new approach healthy-body-mindto holistic healthcare and offering new ways to maintain balance in the body, mind and spirit.

With a passion to inspire you to take better care of your physical body, eat better and live happier lives, Kumari’s  peerless intuitive skills set her apart in a field that is infiltrated with trends, fads and unhealthy diets that yield little or no results.

You Receive

  • Concrete strategies for healing the body
  • Clarify questions about specific therapies and nutritional products
  • Best holistic treatments for optimal wellness
  • Take the guess work out of “what to do” and “how to do it”
  • Expand personal awareness and enjoy inner peace, clarity and harmony!

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I am no longer dragging and I actually have energy. I feel remarkably better. I’m mad for Green Magma – this is truly the ONLY product I have ever tried that actually causes my sugar cravings to go away. I’m thrilled and thankful I found you.”   Mich H., Missouri

Drawing on 30 years as a Medical Intuitive and Empath, she’s a pioneer in the field of energy medicine, KumariDevi is an expert at reading energy and isn’t partial to any one alternative healing system. This helps you gain the greatest results.

Priding herself on being a “practical” medical intuitive and her “let’s go beyond the symptoms” strategy, allows for true healing to take place. Her wellness approach follows three basic tenets:

  • To heal we must feel
  • Limit daily supplements
  • Release the “ownership” of disease

Coaching Packages

Three Ways to Get Well


Starter Session

Illness and injury are gateways to a deeper transformation. They are the doors to change and get us to pay closer attention. Most illness begins from an earlier life experience. Often, when you resolve emotional pain, physical pain will disappear too. Of course eating and lifestyle habits contribute too. Starter Session prepares your mind to heal.

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Heal My Body

People get ill for many different reasons. Receive a medical intuitive healing session for 60 minutes. Medical Intuitive healing session identifies the cause of the physical problems and the emotional patterning associated with it.

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ReWrite Your Story of Illness

Sessions unfold over six weeks and identify the root physical and emotional cause of illness or long-term injury. You receive a plan of healing. Let’s raise your vibration and get you healthy and balanced in your life. Included is how to learn to meditate.


What People Are Saying!

“She saved my life twice! I faced cancer and her expertise with healing the physical and emotional body is phenomenal. During and after sessions I would feel a powerful energy transfer that opened my heart and healed me. Thank you!  Margo S. Therapist

“I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me. I followed your instructions and I’m amazed how much better I feel. Thank you so much!!” Deborah H, Phoenix

“I hope you know how much your insights have meant to me! I feel so fortunate to have found someone who had the amazing ability to correctly guide me in the right direction and heal.” Nancy U., Sun City, AZ

“All day before my session I felt energy moving around me. I knew KumariDevi was working on me. Then suddenly all the pain lifted. I am so grateful.” Laura D., San Diego

“Her approach to healing is extraordinary. This is not hocus-pocus or some psychic trying to heal you. Her commitment to your wellness is profound. She understands disease. If she can’t get you well no one can.” Dr. Hubbard, Chiropractor

“She honed right in on my physical problem that no one could identify, not even the doctors.
Tom C., Engineer, Cleveland, OH

Let’s Get You Healthy

Email us with further questions. We would be happy to design a healing program just for you. To schedule email If you have a health question about your child email us directly.

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