OM What Does it Mean

Often spelled OM. The mystic syllable of Hinduism, placed at the beginning of most sacred writings. As a mantra, it is pronounced aw (as in law), oo (as in zoo), mm. Aum represents the Divine, and is associated with Lord Ganesha, for its initial sound “aa,” vibrates within the muladhara, the chakra at the base of the spine upon which this God sits. The second sound of thisOM consciousness mantra, “oo,” vibrates within the throat and chest chakras, the realm of Lord Murugan, or Kumara, known by the Hawaiian people as the God Ku. The third sound, “mm,” vibrates within the cranial chakras, ajna and sahasrara, where the Supreme God reigns. The dot above, called anusv=ra, represents the Soundless Sound, Paranada. Aum is explained in the Upanishads as standing for the whole world and its parts, including past, present and future.

It is from this primal vibration that all manifestation issues forth. Aum is the primary, or mila mantra, and often precedes other mantras. It may be safely used for chanting and japa by anyone of any religion. Its three letters represent the three worlds and the powers of creation, preservation and destruction. In common usage in several Indian languages, aum means “yes, verily” or “hail.”

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