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Have been on a spiritual path for awhile? Are you a truth seeker, meditator and yogini? You’re someone who knows your happiness begins in you. Both men and women benefit from our work.

KumariDevi’s work is not ordinary or run-of-the mill spirituality. You will be introduced to advance ways to shift your reality. New and practical ways to achieve inner peace and mindful living plus healthy living tips too. As you venture into the world you’ll have the knowledge to stay present and won’t be triggered, hurt or want to blame others. You’ll be truly self-empowered.

We specialize in shadow work and restructuring foundational consciousness. Getting to the core or root of emotional experiences (traumas and memory) and the essential nature of your life. By restructuring the core, you’ll won’t repeat the same patterns over and over again–you’ll transcend from limitation and liberate your personal reality.

In between where you are right now and your personal destination in life; career success, happiness and awakening (enlightenment) is a belief system influenced by parents, caregivers, clergy and society. Our work dismantles belief systems so you get to your destination quicker. Most importantly we’re here to help you.


To achieve an awakened state you must fully embrace your human. To know the inner You-your Soul. To know you, you’ll need to develop a relationship with this inner part of you and here’s how:




Benefits For You

  • Amazing sense of purpose and spontaneity
  • A deep sense inner peace and happiness
  • Mindfulness and presence
  • Greater sense of fulfillment


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