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Personal IntensivesImmerse Yourself into Wholeness

Personal Intensives are designed to give you personal attention for your meditation and mindfulness practice.

It’s where you increase personal awareness and develop emotional maturity and deeper connection to your true essence.

Are you serious about your spirituality? Want to explore your inner self more fully? Here’s an opportunity to deepen your practice and,

  • Awaken worthiness and self-love
  • Let go of emotional amour and protection
  • Release judgments
  • Release negative self-talk, limiting emotional beliefs and self-judgment
  • Discover new ways to live mindfully

By examining personality behaviors and habits that perpetuate limitation you peel back the layers of the heart and it permanently opens.

Some Areas We Can Work On

  • Acceptance
  • What if Syndrome (projecting fear into the future)
  • Self-mastery
  • Happiness
  • Career success
  • Heart opening

Untie knots of fear and doubt in a beautiful way and receive

  • Personal attention
  • Daily custom meditations
  • Daily custom yoga sessions
  • Let go of stress and anxiety
  • Focused uninterrupted sessions
  • Health and lifestyle tips

Personal Intensives are personalized deep work to assist you in reaching your higher mind consciousness. Designed to accelerate your awareness mindful intensives assist you in developing a relationship with the inner self.

Afterwards, you’ll be in an integration period that generally lasts about four weeks.

Let’s Get Started

In person, Kumari Devi’s energy is a loving yet potent experience. You encounter direct transmissions of awakening energy where instant transformation is possible. Anything out of balance comes into balance. All that is separated becomes whole. The mind and heart become less conflicted.

Terms of Payment

Full payment must be received at least 30 days in advance to hold the space. We take credit card, wire or checks.

Personal Intensives take place over weekends and begin Friday mid-day or evening and end Sunday at 4:00 pm. Or can be extended to week long retreats. Perfect for individuals or small groups (4-6 people).

Personal Intensives begin at $1798.00 (3 days). Week long intensives $3598.00. You’re responsible for your airfare, accommodations, transporation and meals and anything of a personal nature.

Weekend Retreats

Personal weekend intensives are designed for individuals or small groups include morning yoga, a healthy breakfast, mindful group work, contemplation time and depending on time open discussion after dinner. Delighted to give you memorable life experiences that you will take with you forever.

KumariDevi Comes to You

Imagine being soaked in divine grace and love. Host Kumari Devi at your home.

Just a few requirements:  Airfare to your location plus transportation to and from airport is required by you.  If she stays in your cat free home, she has private quarters. If you don’t have room in your home please locate a nearby hotel with transportation to your location. Organic vegetarian. No diary or gluten foods and purified water must be provided.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made within the thirty days before the scheduled weekend will result in no refund, unless a replacement is found. If a replacement is found, 90% of the monies are refunded. Should we need to cancel you’ll receive a full refund.

Application Process

There is a screening process along with additional information.

Personal Intensive Questionnaire: Please think deeply and clearly about these questions and answer the best you can. Cut and paste these questions onto a word document file and email back to us.

  1. What is your daily spiritual practice like?
  2. How often to you meditate?
  3. How do people perceive you?
  4. State what you want in life?
  5. What is missing in your life?
  6. Why do you want a personal intensive?
  7. What do you expect to receive?

For additional questions do not hesitate to inquire via email at or call us 1-866-231-0023.

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