Intuitive Readings


Intuitive readings are an excellent way to receive clarity on personal and life situations. General health questions can be answered but no full body scans. No pattern healing work.

Intuitive readings are done in half hour increments. Readings are done over the telephone only and without tarot cards yet 110% intuitive. Please have your questions handy as time flies. Want an hour buy two half hours.

“She’s worth every penny. Whatever her fee is it’s well worth it.” Betty R., Social Worker, WDC

If you haven’t already done so please email to set up a time and day to: Please check your spam folders. Happy to set up skype calls for out of the country people.

Stay focused during the session for the best results. We do not record sessions. Locate an app to record telephone conversations.


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We do not store credit card data on this site. Include your entire mailing address for paypal. Thank you.