Abundance Mandala



This layout was named Golden Light at its creation. It represents the Golden Light of the Divine in all beings. It holds a high vibrational pitch and moves your energy into perfect alignment. When we raise our vibrations money and all types of abundance comes our way.

  • Chakra:  Six
  • Positive Statement:  I Am

Stones Used:  Golden Calcite, Selenite, Golden Fluorite, Celestite, Aqua Aura, Phantom Quartz and Lapis.

At the center of this layout is golden Calcite in its matrix, which represents our physical world. Calcite sits on top of Selenite, which bridges one reality to the next.  Here it represents the relationship of the lower and the higher Self.  At the top of the layout is a piece of gold and purple Fluorite, which helps to retrieve inner knowing. Celestite is a spiritual stone as it shines forth the light of the Soul into our conscious awareness.

Rutilated Quartz crystals and Aqua Aura points radiate the golden Light from the twelfth chakra down to our lower self.  Phantom Quartz crystal represents our innate perfection. Lapis cabochon is the communicator and communicates with the higher frequencies and grounds all the energy down.



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