Clear Resistance Mandala


Clear Resistance

Resistance is a type of stasis or lack-of-movement. Resistance is fear based and often  keeps us stuck in the status quo forever. It’s safer to stay in a comfort zone, than to move.

Energetically encouraging resistance to release and allow for more flexibility in your life. Trust the flow.  The longer we hold onto limiting patterns the more resistant we become to change. Stubbornness is also a sign of resistance.  Remember what we resist persists.

Below is the chakra, the organs that support this pattern and a positive statement to reinforce it, along with the crystals, minerals and gemstones used in layout.

  • Chakra:  Three                                               
  • Organs:  Kidneys and Liver
  • Positive Statement:  I Release Resistance

Stones Used:  Generator Crystal, Blue Opal, Chrysoprase, Kyanite, Chrysocolla, Cuprite, Rutilated Quartz, Aqua Aura Quartz, Rock Ruby, Carnelian, Skeletal Quartz, Lingams, Hematite, Smoky Quartz and Peridot.

All stones in this layout sit atop a large Generator Crystal.  The main stone is a Blue Opal wrapped in gold and set in a very refined form of Chrysoprase, which holds the energy of courage.  Crossways and below is Kyanite healing past life issues. In the past, something happened that triggered us and now there is difficulty moving forward. A Chrysocolla/Cuprite arrow sits atop of the activating Rutilated Quartz, providing energy for forward movement and this movement is aided by Aqua Aura Quartz.

A flowing and circulating heart energy stone, Rock Ruby is very symbolic of our Soul calling forth when the rest of the self just can’t seem to do it.  Two Skeletal Quartz crystals focus the energy into the foundation of the layout. The Lingam stone and Hematite arrows ground the energy into the physical; and two Smoky Quartz points bring light in. Peridot adds its physical healing energy. Carnelian provides a higher flow of energy. Chrysocolla and Cuprite provide the activation and added energy to move the resistance out of the system.


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