Courage-Trust Mandala


Courage Trust

Spiritual growth is a re-education process. We learn to let go of personal limitation and break free from the past by embracing all parts of the Self.  This opens new doors to the present and you develop spiritually. A spiritual path requires courage and trust. Have faith to trust blindly into new landscapes of the your mind and heart.

Courage—Trust  helps you move forward, offering support while trusting the steps taken are for the highest good.  Offering a sense of peace and inner confidence that things are in perfect order.  Courage and Trust work beautifully together because they enhance inner self-confidence.

Below are the chakras affected when this pattern is out of balance and a positive statement to reinforce it, along with the crystals, minerals, gemstones and flower essences used in a layout for its creation.

 Chakras:   Three and Four

Positive Statement:  I Am Trust and I Am Courage

Flower Essences Used:  Borage: Melts sorrow and depression, restores courage, joy and happiness. Yellow Water Lily: Creates a conscious connection to the ever-present loving God.

Stones Used:  Selenite, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Cuprite/Malachite, Golden Labadorite, Kyanite, Rutilated Gold Quartz, Aqua Aura Quartz, Peridot, Blue Calcite, Azurite and Blue Green Apatite.

Selenite is used to create bridge between courage and expansion. Chrysoprase encourages us to move forward and this is further emphasized with an Emerald.  The Cuprite/Malachite cabochon activates forward movement. A Golden Labadorite offers inner strength, vitality and endurance.  Kyanite heals past life events, which are held in the cellular memory blocking trust from being present. Peridot dissolves past life issues and patterns and a gold Rutilated Quartz cabochon and Aqua Aura Quartz points move the energy through to further accelerate the healing process.  Breaking up the patterns of limitation is a beautiful Azurite at the base. Blue Calcite with its soothing energy adds another form of peaceful expansion.  Apatite in its beautiful blue-greenish color heals inner disharmony and this reinforces trust through strength and love.

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