I Am Worthy Mandala


I Am Worthy

By selecting “I Am Worthy”  it’s time to increase your self-image. It’s time to believe in your own self-worth. It’s time for more self-respect. Affirm “I Am Worthy” and increase self-esteem and self-confidence. Claim your worth.

Self-sabotage is a learned behavior from childhood and finds a million different ways to undermine the love you have for yourself and destroy it. Feelings of not being enough or low self-image are also learned behaviors. These beliefs and attitudes develop over time. The good news is they can change.

How do you know if your self-esteem is out of balance?

  • Do you put yourself down?
  • Do you feel hopeless?
  • Always ask “how much is it?”
  • Do you regularly place the needs of others before your own?
  • Is it difficult to handle success?
  • Is it hard to receive complements?

I Am Worthy Mandala

Purchase I Am Worthy Mandala to energetically unlock the door to receiving by transforming the paradigm of unworthiness. The crystals in layout offer a powerful healing to the subconscious patterning of unworthiness.

Below is the chakra, the organs that support this pattern and a positive statement to reinforce it, along with the crystals, minerals and gemstones used in layout.

  • Chakra:   Two
  • Organs:   Lungs and Gall Bladder
  • Positive Statement:  I Am Worthy

Stones Used

Malachite-Azurite, Dioptase, Snowflake Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz, Orange Calcite, Heliodore, Quartz, Sugilite, Rose Quartz and Larimar.

The central energy of this crystal elixir is held with the large Malachite-Azurite triangle. It breaks up and moves out old energy of unworthiness. Dioptase is the healer of ancient wounds and using it here amplifies this energy.  The layout is grounded into the deepest level of self by Snowflake Obsidian heart and arrowheads. Rutilated Quartz and Orange Calcite wands further activate this energy.

Heliodore brings down energy from the Soul to heal the memories of trauma and limitation. This healing pattern is moving throughout the system by the Quartz point with the Sugilite cab.  Its impact is being softened by the infusion of self-love held by the Rose Quartz and the soothing energy of Larimar, which takes the trauma out of the transition.

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