Inner Child Healing


Develop a Relationship with Self

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Children represent innocence and vulnerability. They are creative and spontaneous. These childhood qualities form our foundation in life. As we mature we lose vulnerability and become molded into the projection of our parents and society.

The first step in developing self-awareness is to mend the original separation, and this core separation began in childhood. As a child, from infancy to ten years old, we are the nearest to our divine self.  Soon afterwards, we begin to separate and lose the connection. As innocence starts to wane fear begins its journey and we experience loneliness.

In each person a suffering child exists. Alienated from the world, the child is forgotten and wanders through life feeling unhappy. A deep sadness prevails as people try and forget about painful times and now buried under a myriad of life experiences.

Reclaim Your Inner Child and learn an empowering process to reconnect with the inner child.

Providing an opportunity to

  • Identify early wounds
  • Enhance self-worthy
  • Reconnect to innocence
  • Discover intuitive and creative voice

Retrieve and Listen

Taking you step-by-step to recapture the relationship with the inner child, Paula shows you how to nurture and grow this most powerful and innate relationship with self. By reclaiming your inner child core wounds can heal and a permanent connection to the divine is activated. Feelings of loneliness and separateness cease to exist. Feel loved from the inside out.

Paula developed this practice of connection from her own experiences. She noticed that once she connected to her inner child, she was able to stand strong and truly develop a relationship with her inner self.  A strong sense of self provides people with confidence. Be forewarned: once you start the process, you can no longer deny your inner child.


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The guided visualization is a powerful healing process to develop a relationship with your Divine Self. It’s set up in three sections: introduction, guided visualization and  brief talk.

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