Mastery Mandala


Mastery Mandala

Selecting this picture indicates you’re ready to awaken to the master within. Activate cellular memory and wisdom. Deeply connect to your divine essence and Soul. Remember your Divinity. Awaken to grander portions of your Honor your Divine Self.

Mastery Mandala

Purchase Mastery Mandala to energetically activate divine memory and transform the paradigm of limitation. The crystals in layout offer a powerful healing to the subconscious patterning of limitation.

Below are the chakras and a positive statement to reinforce it, along with the crystals, minerals, gemstones and flower essence used in a layout for its creation.

  • Chakras:  All Twelve
  • Positive Statement:  I Am That I Am

Stones Used

Seraphinite, Herkimer Diamond, Violet Fluorite, White Opal, Phenacite, Phantom Quartz, Diamond, Pink Tourmaline, Phantom Quartz, Danburite and Tanzanite.

Seraphinite at the top comes from the Lake Baikal. Seraphinite displays the creator’s love as a thing of beauty and peace.  It’s a sublime feeling of Angels all around.  This energy comes down through the Herkimer Diamond and the Violet Fluorite and offers a spiritual energy that bridges Spirit into matter through the window in the stone.  A White Opal sits upon the Fluorite, which balances our masculine and feminine energy.

The center of the layout is the Phantom Quartz crystal, which represents a symbol of perfection within the Self.  A Madagascar Phenacite amplifies and focuses our Divine Soul plan down into the Phantom Quartz crystal.  Over the top of the Phantom Quartz is a gold ring.  This represents the circle of Earth.  The Diamond in the ring invokes the potential of the whole Self.  The Pink Tourmaline in the ring opens our hearts to radiate unconditional love.

Danburite becomes a bridge to these higher parts of the Self.  Tanzanite attracts a cosmic perspective and a higher knowingness of who we are.  This layout activates a higher vibration with a large White Apophyllite that enables us to see clearly our Soul’s Divine blueprint pattern.  Moonstone helps us to perceive it and Angelite brings our awareness of it and gently grounds it.  Orange Calcite is used to provide another anchor into the physical. At the bottom of the layout Green Phantom Quartz crystal represents the blending of Heaven and Earth together.

Added Help

Sanat Kumara Healing Spray


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