Medical Intuitive Reading


More Depth Medical Intuitive Reading

Medical Intuitive 90 minute session includes more closely at your entire body not only the current symptoms. You’ll receive a written report of what is found and how to balance the body.

Included in this healing is an Mp3 download called Heal my Body. It addresses the emotional components of illness. It’s free with this healing.

If you would like to purchase the entire program called Heal my Body — Go Here.  This emotional healing unwind the limiting beliefs around weight, control and fear issues. All which play a factor in the disease picture of your body.

Discounts available to members. Join the Virtual Ashram and become a member.


KumariDevi, Paula is not a doctor and does not diagnosis. She works excursively with intuition and energy. If you are facing a serious illness she highly recommends locating a qualified MD or NMD in the field of your illness.

** In the case of cancer. Most everyone has cancer cells in their body. To ask her if you have cancer it’s a challenging question to answer. We highly recommend if you feel you have cancer to consult with a licensed oncologist.

We would be happy to set up a holistic healing regiment to complement any cancer protocol you choose for yourself.

** We no longer record sessions.  If you want a recording you can record it yourself.


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