Purify Your Body Temple Meditation

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A Note About the Visualization

It’s powerful. Practice the healing visualization in a quiet place. Carve out one hour for yourself. Image the chakras as golden plates in your body. Each chakra stacks like shelves; from the base to top of your head with the spine going through the middle of the chakra. Imagine the chakra opening by spinning the plate counter clockwise or to your left. Only imagine it with your mind and not your eyes otherwise you’ll get dizzy.


Starting with the base chakra and working up through the seven other body chakras and the five esoteric chakras above your head. You’ll activate the energy of each chakra by imagining a gold disc. At each chakra you’ll call forward fear, anger, confusion, doubt, addictions, resistance, unworthiness plus any physical body ache, pains, stress and disease. Everything comes to meet the golden light for transformation. Gold light is a higher frequency and anything connected to it is changed.

Thank you for the wonderful meditation. It was intense; the Kundalini was steadily burning and buzzing throughout. While imagining the chakras spinning counter-clockwise I did feel a release/purging. Some chakras were more challenging than others. I really liked what you said about blockages and negative patterns being energy that becomes shaped by certain judgments. Immediately afterwards I felt at peace and tuned into God-consciousness. The background music was quite soothing. Thank you again, sending you love blessings! Rudra Dass

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