Activation Calls


Awakening transmissions are a way to experience a deeper realization of beingness. Receive a transmission of higher spiritual energy. An accelerated peeling of the layers of the heart. It’s where you feel the grace of God blooming within your own being and live in oneness. Raise your frequency.

Being in KumariDevi’s energy you receive God’s blessing. My heart opens every time I’m with her. Miracles seem to happen around her. Thank you!” Suzanne K., California

You are signing up for February 15 Awakening Activation Call.

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Awakening transmissions are all different. Once you register alignment begins. Sign up early for greatest results. Calls are powerful please be in a quiet place for the duration of the transmission.

Is the time prohibitive? No problem, register and you’ll be included and receive all the benefits of being on the live call.

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