Smooth Transitions Mandala


Smoothing Transitions

Transitions are hard no matter how evolved we are. Smooth Transitions provides a pink blanket of love and calm energy to sooth any transitions in your life.  It’s security and takes the trauma out of any type of change. Harmonizing.

Below are the chakras and a positive statement to reinforce it, along with the crystals, minerals and gemstones used in layout.

  • Chakra:  Two and Four
  • Positive Statement:  I Am Safe

Stones Used:  Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, Aventurine, Howlite and Sugilite.

All the stones sit on top of a slab of Rose Quartz with its sweet supportive energy of self-love.  Larimar in this flower-like mandala layout provides a soothing energy.  Blue Lace Agate takes the trauma out of the transition.  Two Aventurine stones soothe the emotional body.  In the center, Howlite spirals a grounding energy.  Atop sits a Sugilite cab this makes the energy easily flow through all the bodies.


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