Purify Your Body Temple

Guided Healing Meditation with Paula Muran

 An Initiation into your Divine Self

Easily transform fear, unworthiness, anger and all parts of the self that are out of balance. Paula Muran is your guide and her soothing voice takes you on an enlightened journey to release emotional issues, bodily toxins and mental chatter. Activate all twelve chakras, accelerate soul growth and become more radiant.

Practice this healing meditation on a daily basis to peel away layers of fear and become less defensive, unlock cellular wisdom, enhance self-esteem and become more empowered. Discover through love and compassion how to unite the lower and higher Self and awaken your Divine Self.

Experience this remarkable process!

Purify the Body Temple is perfect to include into your already established meditation practice or a beautiful technique for beginners.

The meditation takes you on a journey to:

  • release fear
  • vaporize anger
  • align to universal love

Purify the Body Temple uses the chakras as steps guiding you to release emotional stressors that cause energy to constrict. Aligning you to the Divine feel energized, clear, empowered, and renewed to live a happy, healthy and spiritually awakened life.

Daily routines are lived through emotional exchanges that activate energy stressors in the physical body. When we find time to quiet our minds and relax we allow energy to flow more easily and we feel better and are at peace.

The more Purify the Body Temple guided meditation is practiced the more you:

  • Accelerate a feeling of happiness and aliveness
  • Enhance self-esteem and love
  • Unlock cellular wisdom
  • Activate your life force energy. . kundalini
  • Restore balance

Awaken the Golden Lotus in your Heart!

Listen to the guided meditation Here

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