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Soul Card Reading for November 6 – 10, 2017

I tapped into the collective consciousness and meditated on what I saw happening. Then I selected three cards.

1). I Am Worthy. Worthiness is personal value and self-respect. How much do you honor yourself on a daily basis?  By selecting this card you might be needing to revisit your personal value in some way.  Two ways to increase your self worth right now.
I Am Worthy Spray or Activate Worthiness.

2). Courage. Courage talks about taking a leap and trusting it. Standing strong in your own self-awareness. Perfect to recite to yourself  ” I Am Courage.”  Courage works well with trust. What part of your life needs more courage? Are you embarking on a new career or in a new relationship? Purchase Soul Mandala Here. 

3) I Release Resistance. Resistance is fear based. What are you resisting in life today or this month? Are you resisting change?  Are you resisting seeing something you don’t want to see? How can you change your mind about this?
Here’s a little help: Clearing Resistance.

This says: If you release your resistance, you’ll have Courage and become Worthy.

**The cards are designed to speak to your Soul and encourage subconscious patterns to surface. They are not a commercial deck.
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Personal Readings

Offering half hour personal readings using the Soul Cards. Email: to schedule.

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