Soul Cards

In the Awakening call I asked you to select 1, 2 or 3. Here is the picture of the cards.

1). Courage. Courage talks about taking a leap and trusting it. Standing strong in your own self-awareness. Perfect to recite to yourself  ” I Am Courage.”  Courage works well with trust. What part of your life needs more courage? Are you embarking on a new career or in a new relationship?

2). Grounded. If you selected Grounded there’s a need to feel the Earth under your feet. Get hematite or black tourmaline and carry the stones in your pocket.  Walk in the grass and come back down to earth.

3). Believe. If you selected Believe, what beliefs are you not resonating to any longer? Is there a need to reframe your beliefs?  Or to see life differently? What are you holding onto that could be let go of?  Beliefs are strong statements based on past experiences. Are you ready to believe in yourself?

This says: If you have Courage and stay Grounded you’ll Believe in yourself.

**These cards a designed to speak to your Soul and encourage subconscious patterns to surface.  They are not a commercial deck.
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