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Soul Mandala

Crystal layouts hold specific frequencies to activate dormant memory. Each stone, like letters in the alphabet has its vibration. When we put letters together, we create words, paragraphs, stories and meaning.  When the stones are combined with each other in various layouts, they likewise hold a particular meaning and a particular quality of energy. They amplify and broadcast this vibration to the body and unconscious mind. The stability and clarity of crystals permeates the body down to its molecular level. The body heals by moving toward the harmony of the resonance of each layout. The layouts below each have a specific task.

How to Select

The names were purposely left off.  Look at the page and select by what you feel rather than what you know. Additional information is on the “Add to Cart” page. How to Use: Place picture layouts in your environment so you can look at them on a daily basis. Or place them under bed or pillow during sleep time. Affirm the layout name in meditation or as a mantra to keep your mind focused. ** You’re purchasing a picture not the stones.

Crystal Layout Creation

First, the crystal layouts were created through a meditation process by evoking the wisdom of the Absolute. Then the outcome was determined. For example, I Am Love-the stones were selected for a loving outcome. Selecting stones was done through intuition and layouts were fitted together. Each individual crystal layout took one week to create. The crystal layouts became the base formula for gem elixirs and now used the Sovereign Light Emotional Sprays.

Soul Mandala

Speak directly to subconscious and awaken dormant divine intelligence in you. Crystals, minerals and gemstones have been with Earth for millions of years and used throughout history for a multitude of healing purposes. Quartz crystals are messengers of light and seeds of wholeness. The colors of the stones arouse emotional memory allowing for deeper emotional release to occur. Aligned with the electromagnetic forces on Earth and with the Universe, crystals are natural tools for healing and hold a pattern of resonance and vibrations that offers the physical body a chance to heal.