24 08, 2017

Inner Child

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In each person there is a suffering child. Alone and alienated from the world, the child is forgotten and wanders through life feeling unworthy and unhappy. A feeling of separation from wholeness and divine purpose surfaces as we try and forget about painful times and bury the child further. Mend separation. Kumari guides you through […]

20 08, 2017

Meditation Lab

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Make a Date to Meditate —Meditation is a powerful tool for so many things. Use meditation to become calmer and less stressed, before surgery and to calm the mind.  Good for beginners, intermediate and advance practitioners. Learn more and join us in person. Register here.

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28 07, 2017

Purify Your Body Temple

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Guided Healing Meditation with Paula Muran

 An Initiation into your Divine Self

Easily transform fear, unworthiness, anger and all parts of the self that are out of balance. Paula Muran is your guide and her soothing voice takes you on an enlightened journey to release emotional issues, bodily toxins and mental chatter. Activate all twelve chakras, accelerate […]