7 Steps to Unclutter Your Mind

Clearing your mind is like cleaning a closet. Here are seven steps to unclutter your mind and develop clearer understanding of yourself.

Step 1:  Open the door.  What is your first reaction? Is your first action to shut the door? Is there too much clutter to deal with? Are you thinking, “Where do I start?”

Step 2: Step into the closet.

Step 3: Take stock of what’s in the closet.  What do you notice about yourself?

Step 4: Identifying belongings. Belongings are symbolic of personal habits and behaviors.

Step 5: Examine the contents. What are you willing to throw away? Are you merely shifting things from one side to another? Are you dealing with your fear or pushing it aside? Suppressing anger instead of dealing with it? Denying love?

Step 6: Let go. It’s time to take belongings you don’t need to Goodwill. It’s time to forgive the past, forgive past relationships and forgive past mistakes. Forgive You and let go.

Step 7:  Re-evaluate. Can you freely walk into the closet?  Is your mind clearer? Do you feel better about yourself?

Your conditioning is what you believe is real about yourself.  It’s not. You are more divine than what you learned from parents or society.

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