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  • Virtual-Ashram-Access

Exclusive Access Offers You

  • Includes all videos, articles, podcasts, facebook group and MUCH more.
  • Download and keep what you want, even if you cancel.
  • Helpful holistic healing tips
  • Lifestyle improvements
  • Learn how to access the unconscious to repattern your mind
  • Self-realization, awakening and enlightenment secrets
  • A year of Virtual Ashram costs less than a day long, live class.
  • You can even try it for $2! (Yearly plan only)

Virtual Ashram is For Everyone

All people are welcome to the Kumara Virtual Ashram. Our philosophy is based on ancient wisdom found in the Veda and later adapted in Buddhism and Christianity. This wisdom although ancient, has immense value and set the foundation for spiritual development today. The older gurus mastered their mind. We’ve adapted and modernized the Skandha wisdom to show you how liberating your mind can help you live a happy, healthy, successful and enlightened life.

Why People Join

Memberships offer deeper ways to connect to your true self and flourish. In addition to all the physical benefits you’ll become connected into the heart center of the supreme Guru Sanatkumara through KumariDevi. You’ll receive direct transmission of love through her and an opportunity to tap into her amazing and powerful energy. The closer and longer you stay connected to her, the deeper the spontaneous healing and personal transformation will be for you. In closer we mean, the more you interact with her either online or in person.

People have said, “Miracles happened around her.” This gentleman said, “After spending two hours with her, I was out of it for a week. Then suddenly everything lifted and I felt an extraordinary feeling of happiness I’ve never experienced before. How can I get more?” This is why we created Kumara Virtual Ashram.

  • A direct Transmission from Sanatkumara

  • Monthly Meditations-emailed to you

  • Exclusive Digital Courses

  • Premium Content Essays and Articles

  • Podcasts and Videos

  • Discounts on digital courses and workshops

  • Community. The Virtual Ashram is open 24/7 365 days.

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