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Kumara Virtual Ashram is an online school of self-realization and is dedicated to meditation, mindfulness and holistic healing through educational programs that support you on your journey to self-empowerment.

Open to everyone the Virtual Ashram is membership based: Join monthly or yearly. Special Inner Circle is a premium exclusive yearly membership that provides a deeper experience into self-realization, spirituality and healthy living.

Guru in Residence

Sanatkumara  is the Guru in residence. Sanatkumara’s unconditional heart is the matrix of Virtual-Ashramlove. Known through-out history in Hinduism by four names: Lord Muruga, Subrahmanya, Skanda and Kârttikeya and is also as the Ancient of Days in the Bible, Quetzalcoatl in the Mayan tradition, and in metaphysics as the planetary Logos who has embraced Earth for millions of years as the father of the new age.

Sanatkumara is a sublime force-field of unconditional love and Divine being of Self-Realization and advanced consciousness. A god who blesses and protects those who ardently seek His grace. Born as the first son of Shiva and Parvati and the brother of Ganesh (elephant god), Sanatkumara bestows knowledge while Ganesh removes obstacles to the knowledge. Guiding humanity, Sanatkumara destroys the “negative ego” and awakens your heart to remember your true Self.

Why Join

  • Live with authenticity
  • Develop Self-Awareness
  • Enjoy a community

Enter a divine, transformational space. A sacred sanctuary to accelerate your spiritual evolution and achieve extraordinary happiness. You are a being of infinite love and passion. You are a conscious, spiritual, yogi, creative, healer, you are you.

The Virtual Ashram

Expand your spiritual horizons and find a spiritual home. The Virtual Ashram is a place of inspiration, motivation, spiritual guidance. It’s a place you can visit at any hour, from wherever you are – mentally or geographically – and deepen your spirituality. We have real tools to help you widen your understanding, broaden your outlook, and heal your life.

Traditionally Ashram’s are places of healing and education. It’s a place to come where you feel safe and supported. A place to escape stress and hectic lives. Ashrams began in India. The Christians have sanctuaries, Muslims have mosques and Buddhists share the same ashram principles that Hinduism does.

Membership Options

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
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