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Know the Self

We exist within an immense field of possibility. However, we have created a narrow world based on “what will people think” and the fear of “doing something wrong” where the rules have already been set, the pathways laid down, and the winners and losers already chosen – or at the very least – presumed.

At the onset of life, we dwell in curiosity and innocence. Then we’re educated in the “rules of the game”, and are given a description of the world and are taught how to conform to what is expected of us at home and in the world. We adapt to this way of life based on other people’s views, some of us rebel but never really create a life different in the end.

No matter what we’ve attained we seek to satisfy our positions in life. We seek community, love, money and good health.

Self-Awareness Yearly (Six Months) Training

Develop Relationship with Self is based in non-duality (meaning wholeness) and prepares the mind to stop judging life and open to a greater awareness. An excellent way to create positive and lasting change for yourself. You’ll truly understand you from the inside out and discover the power of journeying into your inner self. Being self-aware is being mindful, emotionally mature and self-empowered.

Imagine, instead of being controlled by the outer world of fear, you manage everything in your life from within you. Self-awareness first begins with the relationship you have with your inner you.

During the year we also explore the relationship you have with your-self. We begin in first and second chakra, your foundation, not only related to the physical body structure but also psychologically. By reconstructing a new foundation of understanding of who you are, you become more willing to fully accept your-self and let go of the past of hurt and rejection.

“Know Self” —  starts with an inquiry: who am I?  We’ll explore your inner most truth and identify your strengthens and bring those strengthens to the forefront to embody and become. You’ll develop a solid inner relationship with you and the innate wisdom already in you.

Inner Child Healing

Life begins with the relationship with your inner child. Plus the relationship you had with mom and dad. This is where your core foundation is built. By consciously reconnecting to your inner child you mend the feeling of separation and develop a life filled with compassion, understanding and love. You find your greatest pleasure when you succeed, grow, are happy and healthy and believe in yourself.

Inner Child connection assists the mind (soul) in letting go of the past and fully accepting your-self in this current moment. Without this recognition, the identity of self struggles hoping one day it will find its core and true happiness.


  • Live your life
  • Become nonreactive and at peace
  • Increase emotional freedom
  • Develop self-trust and self-confidence
  • Experience a richer and fuller life

Get Started

For questions or to sign up for a Free Discovery Session send an email to KumariDevi at

Three Options

Three Month

Develop Relationship with Self meets either weekly or biweekly with a three month commitment.

Three Month Option

Six Month Option

Develop Relationship with Self meets either weekly or biweekly for six months.

Six Month Option

Receive bi-weekly mentoring sessions per month for 12 months.

  • First session determines your goals for the year.
  • Second session is inner child guided visualization.

In addition, you’ll receive Mindset Unwind MP3 audio downloads during the year. Plus membership into the Virtual Ashram as a Inner Circle member and all it’s benefits.

Yearly Option