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An eight week emotional healing intensive to enlighten your mind and open your heart. Self-empowerment is a great achievement. With it, you become resourceful in anything you take on in life. It’s time to empower you and live an empowered life. Nothing is more powerful than relying on you without fear or doubt.

Eight Week Process

Each eight week program is scheduled on the same day and time at your convenience. Schedule when you the following day to process. Please be in a quiet and comfortable place for your session.


Why is it important to do sessions so close together? The more time you give the ego mind to think about what happened the faster it will return to the old patterns. In weekly sessions by the time you integrate it’s time for another session. This repeated push on the ego to think something differently is what shifts the narrative in your mind.

It’s like constantly picking up the needle on a record player and placing it onto another part of the record.  Same is true for the etched subconscious mind.

During sessions the patterns of limitation are located and you go through a process of neutralizing the emotional memory. When you get off the call everything is good. Then your old habits come back and it takes your conscious effort to hold the new patterns in place or have another session.

Activate Feminine Wisdom is an emotional intensive process. You will be in session for two months and even when not on the telephone.

The program comes with Release Control Repatterning Mp3 download.

We would be happy to speak to you and answer any questions you might have before signing up. Email Admin@kumarainstitute.com. There are no refunds on healing sessions.

Discounts available to members. Join the Virtual Ashram and become a member.


Your healing begins once you financially commit. You receive Release Control Mp3 healing with the payment of this program. Working with KumariDevi is life-changing. She is able to access your subconscious mind quickly. Often, the ego which is the part of the mind that is controlling and defensive will try and stop your growth. For best results try not to give into the ego during your eight week process. In other words, allow whatever thoughts rise in your mind to be present without attaching anything to them.

To save the file to your computer, click the right mouse button (clicking the left mouse button will only open the file in your browser) select “save target as” on a Windows computer or “save link as” on a Mac. On a Mac you might not have a right mouse button. In that case, hold the control button and click on the link.

There are no refunds on healing sessions. If so some strange reason the first session is going poorly, she’ll will stop it and refund 1/2 half of the money paid.

We do not store credit card details on this site. Include your shipping address in Paypal even though you are not receiving anything in the post. Thank you.


We ask if within six months of you completing any program with KumariDevi (Paula) you win the lottery, get an advance or obtain extra money that you donate 1% to us. Thank you. We would be happy to send a link for payment.


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