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About Purify


“This process is revolutionary!” Ruth A., Yoga Teacher

“The most powerful guided meditation I’ve ever done.” Dan E., Acupuncturist, MD

“Every time I listen to the visualization I peel another layer off and it feels so good”. Jeri L., Therapist

Awaken to Your Higher Self

Purify Your Body Temple is a guided chakra healing visualization designed to release emotional memory stored in the body and mind. The physical body is your temple, the house of the Soul, and it remembers all experiences. The meditation arouses deeply buried Purify-your-body-temple-guided-medunconscious memories to rise and frees them.

Purify the Body Temple is unlike any other guided visualization you’ve experienced. It’s a powerful healing process that gets to the core of limiting emotional issues and transforms them.

An ancient Sufi method is used to unwind energy, along with Paula’s (KumariDevi) soothing voice as she guides you through the process. Purify the Body Temple utilizes the chakras as stepping stones: like a ladder climbing deeper into your subconscious patterning to unwind old patterns of limitation.

The more you practice Purify the Body Temple the deeper you go. Peel the layers of fear, confusion, denial and unworthiness off to become less defensive and reactive and more empowered and powerfully connect with your divine self.

Why is it Important to Purify the Body

Emotional memory like fear and anger are stored in muscles and tissues. Over time emotional memory breaks down the tissues in the kidneys, liver and other organs. Every disease has an emotional precursor. Meaning disease began from an unmet emotional need somewhere in your life.


  • Become less defensive and triggered
  • Happier and spontaneous
  • Clear and balanced
  • Heal the body and heart
  • Activate higher levels of consciousness

Experience this Remarkable Process!

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A Note About the Visualization

It’s powerful. Practice the healing visualization in a quiet place. Carve out one hour for yourself. Image the chakras as golden plates in your body. Each chakra stacks like shelves; from the base to top of your head with the spine going through the middle of the chakra. Imagine the chakra opening by spinning the plate counter clockwise or to your left. Only imagine it with your mind and not your eyes otherwise you’ll get dizzy.


Starting with the base chakra and working up through the seven other body chakras and the five esoteric chakras above your head. You’ll activate the energy of each chakra by imagining a gold disc. At each chakra you’ll call forward fear, anger, confusion, doubt, addictions, resistance, unworthiness plus any physical body ache, pains, stress and disease. Everything comes to meet the golden light for transformation. Gold light is a higher frequency and anything connected to it is changed.


Purify the Body Temple was originally created in the 1993 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Paula (Kumari) offered weekly meditation and healing circles. At the time she was a conscious channel to the deity, Sanatkumara. This meditation channeled through her from a higher source. In 2003 it was recorded onto the CD and selected by One Spirit Book Club and received national attention.

In 1994 she traveled to England. First presenting at the Body-Mind Expo in London and then spending two months in London offering healing sessions. Clients came from all over Europe to work with her. She stayed with a woman who later became her friend, Fergie. She took Paula to her family’s house in Wiltshire. On the way they stopped at a local shop and literally bumped into someone who said, “You must go see this new crop circle that arrived.” Without much thought they drove to the area, not knowing where they were going, parked the car, walked over the knoll and there it was. Twelve circles all in one row and all connected.

Walking through a field of tall grass and into the crop circle they both felt tremendous energy and thought how is this possible? While walking through all the 12 circles they met a man with dosing rods, who said “This is so weird usually crop circles go clockwise but all the circles are going counterclockwise.”

When you listen to the Purify Your Body Temple you’ll understand more fully. Paula spins the energy of all the chakras counterclockwise and she works with all 12 chakras. At the time she was also anchoring Divine Feminine and blending the male and female energy into one.

To the right, Paula (Kumari) is standing in the crop circle.