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The matrix of Love, Sanatkumara in known in Hinduism as the first son of Shiva, manifested God and the brother of Ganesha. Inner Circle-Ashram MembershipThe primordial family giving form to humanity. Also known in Hinduism as Lord Muruga, originator of the yoga sutras, and Skandha, Subrahmanya and Kârttikeya.

Written about in the Bhagavad Gita Sanatkumara is the archetypal energy of the Spiritual Warrior for light workers all over the world and a fearless defender of righteousness. Sanatkumara is a god who blesses and protects those who ardently seek His grace.

Awakening your heart to remember your true Self and leading you to Shiva’s (God’s) feet, Sanatkumara bestows the power of knowledge to everyone.  Sanatkumara’s heavenly vehicle is a peacock capable of destroying harmful serpents symbolizing limiting ego.

Known in Chhandogya Upanishads with the narrative and Narada, Sanatkumara is the representation of the Divine Mind of the Universal Spirit and the connecting influence of the Will of Heaven, in Shamballa and to Earth. It is through Sanatkumara that God becomes aware of the consciousness of humanity.

The interaction of thought, expression and action on Earth are magnetically absorbed in the aura of Sanatkumara and immediately felt in the pulse of the Universal Spirit. Sanatkumara guides and influences humanity to fulfill the Divine Plan and is the highest level of consciousness on Earth and in this universal sector. Embracing Earth for millions of years, preferring to be known as a guide and not worshiped as a god.

Sanatkumara and You

In truth, everyone lives in Sanatkumara’s beautiful and loving aura because of the role Sanatkumara plays as the Planetary Logos. It is as if Earth sits in Sanatkumara’s heart. You will meet Sanatkumara at some stage of your spiritual path to enlightenment. Are you drawn to peacock feathers? Sanatkumara rides the peacock through the heavens destroying the ego.

A Divine Partnership

KumariDevi (Paula) personifies Sanatkumara’s grace and acts as emissary to the teachings of enlightened wisdom. Her life-long partnership with Sanatkumara represents the union with the divine that we are all striving for. Her missions are many; accessing higher awareness through the vehicle of Sanatkumara, she serves on the inner plains as a Divine architect and developer of consciousness.

Sanatkumara resides here. I check-in periodically with her energy to reconnect.” Ken Ballard, Tour leader, Thailand

She embodies the fundamental message to attain a true spiritual prowess—you must fully embrace your humanity. Holding a space without judgment for a conscious connection for your own divinity to unfold, KumariDevi bestows Sanatkumara’s sovereign light on all people.

Work Together

Kumari’s greatest skill is her ability to restructure the mind of its complex belief systems that entrap you into cycles of re-occurring dysfunctional patterns. She’s an expert is locating emotional and mental patterns, especially traumatic life-long patterns.

KumariDevi, you are my messenger, the purveyor of my radiance, the truth that I am. You are here to heal the division of hearts from one to the other.” Sanatkumara

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The Virtual Ashram is an online Self-Realization, Meditation and Healing Center. It’s also a way to remain close to KumariDevi. Receive exclusive access to monthly mantras and meditations to enhance your spiritual journey.

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The Evolutionary Wisdom of Sanatkumara

  • Everything you are is already within you
  • There is nothing grander than you in your own life
  • You are your most powerful ally
  • Imagination is the key to manifesting
  • The self is the God within
  • Believe you are worthy of love
  • Everyone and everything in your life is a reflection of you
  • You can only experience your own level of awareness
  • Love for the sake of love and nothing else

What You Gain

  • Live fearlessly and creatively
  • Live authentically
  • Experience true happiness
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Love you unconditionally
  • Eat healthier
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Enhance positive emotions and life situations