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Give to Receive

It’s that time of year when giving is on the rise. It’s the good karma time. Help us, help more people. Your generous donations allow us to reach more and more people. Give a donation for all the excellent content shared over social media.


Karma is good. Karma keeps your life moving smoothly. Karma is a Sanskrit word that translates to action or energy. Karma is the result of your past actions and your present doings. What you do today affects future days or even lives.

It’s part of our fundamental nature to give a helping hand. This is evident in disasters when people eagerly help one another. This is the basis of karma.

Certainly you’ve heard the phrase “What comes around goes around.” Nothing is ever forgotten in energy. Every thought, feeling and action causes energy to re-position either for your benefit or not. What you give, you receive—it’s that simple. Of course, most people don’t count all the good deeds they do for others and naturally forget about them. That is, until a stranger suddenly pays for your coffee. This is the return of a kind gesture performed a few days or even a few years ago.

About Donating Money

Donate money to show your level of compassion and gratitude. This is reflective in your ability to give and shows true service to others. In addition, it would demonstrate your deep level of consciousness and worthiness. You would need to give without any conditions and without hesitation. In addition, you create excellent karma for yourself.

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We ask if within eight months of you completing any program with KumariDevi (Paula) you win the lottery, get an advance or obtain extra money that you donate 1% to us. This helps us keep our prices lower and everyone benefits. Thank you. We would be happy to send a link for payment.

Thank You

In memory of a client you graciously helped us out on numerous occasions. She paid the ultimate karmic debt with her life. Thank you Jane. I know you are watching over us from a higher vantage point. God bless you!!