Puja Offering

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Prayer Offerings

Puja is a scared ritual to keep you in harmony with cosmic forces, by removing the sorrow of life and bringing spiritual expansion. By participating in puja your vibration is elevated and all that is not in balance falls away. You are sounded by Virtual-Ashrampositive energy. Puja allows you to touch the divine—your true nature.

Puja is an offering and prayer to God and in this case to Lord Muruga (Sanatkumara). Out of compassion for humanity’s suffering, KumariDevi has made prayers available to those in need.

Your situation is meditated and prayed over from one to three hours or even longer. Your puja is kept in KumariDevi’s minds-eye and under her auspicious grace during the length of the puja. Sanatkumara’s energy is potent and works to eliminate the negative influences in your life and help to surround you with positive energy. When you connect with KumariDevi (Paula) you come in contact with Sanatkumara and something magical begins to happen.

Prayers are offered as a way to increase good fortune, recover from illness and bring financial abundance and spiritual fulfillment. Once connected, questions get answered, your life improves and things fall into place.

To assist you in improving life circumstances order special prayers just for you. KumariDevi speaks directly to Sanatkumara will ask for your personal situations to resolve.

Select Puja’s Below

Sanatkumara Puja

For prosperity, abundance, financial and well-being. Reduces suffering around receiving money. Clears the path from money blocks. Increases self-acceptance, confidence, courage and trust.


Ganesh Puja

Reduces conflicts, confusion, for new jobs, careers, personal relationships and generally removed obstacles.


Durga Puja

Reduces personal suffering through the love of the Divine Mother. Increases fertility and love, including divine strength and power.


Shiva Puja

General to your specific needs. The puja is for one person for two months duration.


What People Are Saying!

“With the help of KumariDevi and monthly puja’s I landed my dream job in Washington DC in a high powered government office. They work!! Thank you.” Jean L., Washington DC

“We were trying to sell a piece of land for five years when I came to KumariDevi’s site. I bought a puja and bingo the land sold. It was a miracle I told my husband.”  Christine W., Los Angeles

“When I’m connected to KumariDevi I feel fabulous and notice things run more smoothly in my life. I highly recommend puja’s.” Diane N., Seattle, WA

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