Intuitive Shadow Healing

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Shadow Healing

Every situation in life from your job and career, relationships and love, money and health including living awakened and liberated life is generated by a sequence of patterns and memory buried in the unconscious mind and guiding your adult life now. To become a vibrant being, free and living your purpose you’ll need to alter this patterning otherwise you become a victim of circumstances.

Memory + Patterns

Everything begins in your mind and altering the patterning in your life is the key having peace and love.

  • Yoga Begins in Your Mind
  • Leadership Begins in Your Mind
  • Good Health Begins in Your Mind

Patterns control all functions in the body and mind. The mind reacts to neuro-patterning to create ideas and concepts you live your life by. Patterns form repetitive thoughts and unresolved feelings. Why you eat beets is a pattern. Why you’re married to your husband or wife is a pattern. Why you chose your career is a pattern. Disease is a set of patterns. All of life and the universe are created by patterns. It’s a pattern that leads you to the divine.

KumariDevi’s work is extremely powerful. This is not an ordinary healing. It’s a very high and advance level of healing. I have done a lot of other therapies, and nothing matches what I experience with her.”—Alison S., Energy Healer

What You Gain

  • Greater sense of self-awareness and trust
  • Clarity and a deep sense of aliveness
  • Healthy body and mind
  • Happiness and a sense of satisfaction
  • Immediate shifts (most people)

Unwind Your Mind

Every thought and action is made of energy and recorded in the unified field of consciousness (electro-magnetic grid) and creates memory. Memory causes patterns and then beliefs. You live from your unconscious patterns as though they are true and real. Your minds commentary is created from emotional memory. It’s the dialogue you want to resolve through meditation and emotional healing.

I refer to Kumari’s healing as miracle sessions. Because within minutes of talking she’ll know exactly what pattern is holding me up. It takes me a little longer to let go though. Her program “Happiness” is life changing. My life has completely transformed and I’m happy again.”  Candice M., Atlanta

What is Done in Sessions?

Sessions begin with an intuitive and intentional dialogue with the shadow, the unconscious and conscious mind (ego) to locate the patterns causing stress today. You are guided into custom visualizations and given physical cues to help your mind unhook. The unconscious patterning is questioned in such a deep manner that the mental knots begin to untie and emotional traumas unwind.

What she does is amazing. She extracted the time line of my life, finds the conflicts and replaces the timeline back in and life becomes smooth and balanced. This is the best way I can describe the healing. I was told I needed to do positive actions to hold the new patterns in place. I did exactly what she told me to do. I’m non-reactive, calmer and feel great. I highly recommend you work with KumariDevi.” Gerry M., Musician

It’s not a straight line from feeling unhappy today to one unhappy event in childhood. The unconscious is layered by experiences. Healing sessions strive to locate core patterning, instead of current life patterns, drawing the core wounds forward to release.

During sessions, your mind undergoes a process of purification that enhances all of your life decisions. Your blueprint pattern is activated and you’ll develop a genuine foundation and framework that takes you into self-empowerment. On the flip side resides a new version of you, many new versions with grander opportunities, each more powerful than the last. Your vibration will rise, and you’ll feel whole and happy.

I’m certain you haven’t experienced anything like this before. This isn’t a psychic telling you about a fear pattern, rather it’s the deepest healing work you will have. Within a few minutes of talking to me, she knows exactly how to help me. In a few days, my problems disappear. You owe it to yourself to work with her.”—Helen Carr, Social Worker

Emotional Traumas

Emotional traumas are formed during childhood when you experience things like ridicule, rejection, unexpected loud noises, shouting, hitting, accidents and cigarette smoke. A part of you froze in those situations and a ding is created in the mind. The mind hooks into this memory and emotional conflicts are created.

Do you remember certain events as though they happened yesterday? This is why. As we mature, new traumas are built upon the old ones. As adults, we’ve become very wound up. This is evident in society today—everyone seems angry about something. People are quick to get into an argument over nothing. By addressing the origin of emotional memory, healing sessions locate the mental conflicts and perceptions that limit experiences.

KumariDevi reached right down into my “core” and turned me inside out. She allowed me to see ME without fear. Thank you.”—C. Daniels, Iowa

What You Need to Do

By continuing to move through life, the healing sessions will impact what happens next. You’ll no longer be triggered into past memories, instead you’ll become fully present in this moment. From this place you’ll begin to appreciate life with a new awareness and aliveness. Positive actions are needed by you to sustain new pattern alignments as old patterns will disappear after a short integration period. Come prepared to change.

Evolutionary Healing

Healing sessions are 100% intuitive and amazing. Private sessions can go as deep as you allow them to go. To start it’s highly recommended you begin with Happiness Starts Here — an eight week intensive. Or select the Package of 3, sessions are used within four months. Single sessions too. Or we can custom design a package for you depending on goals. If you’ve had a session within the past three months email for follow-up.

What People Are Saying!

She captures the essence of a person and brings them to life. Her unique ability coupled with her intuition makes her work priceless. It’s a privilege to work with her.” Susan J., Atlanta

I just love working with her! It’s been very life changing. I see the changes in myself around my family. I’m not triggered and now more relaxed.” Laura B., Stock Broker

The healing sessions I received was other worldly. No one could even come close to her energy.” Debra M., Los Angeles

I had one session and my life-long migraines disappeared. Thank you!!” Harriett S., South Carolina 

Whatever her fee is it’s well worth it. My life has changed in a completely new direction in a short time. Thank you!” Betty W., Social Worker

She’s the best healer on the planet. Amazing work she does. Thank you!” Sylivia T., Massage Therapist

Everything that comes from KumariDevi is truth. Even the things I don’t want to hear or admit. She has an amazing ability to reflect back to me exactly what I’m working on in life.” Cynthia T., Yoga Instructor

What KumariDevi does is very unique. She dissects my life and locates the original hurt. Once she finds the origin of pain she unwinds the patterns. I feel something shift in me over the telephone every time. Within a few days I can no longer access anything we talked about in our session. My life smooths out and I’m content.” Darlene S., Writer

You’ll get results in half the time than other healing sessions. KumariDevi gets right in there and locates the exact patterns that need healing. Trust me you’ll come away  with a greater sense of happiness.”  Sarah B., Energy Healer

Purify Your Body Temple


Purify your Body Temple is a powerful guided visualization and meditation to heal emotions from cellular memory using the chakras. Connect to all 12 chakras and to your higher Self.  Open the Golden Lotus in your heart. Purify the Body Temple comes free when with private sessions.  Or order the MP3 download here.

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