Evolutionary Pattern Healing

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Breakthrough subconscious patterning and self-sabotage, self-doubt and fear. Let go of inner conflicts and unresolved hurt. Experience liberation and align to love.

Your views and perceptions (mindsets) create beliefs that tie together experiences that guide you through life. They trap you into experiencing life from a limited position—this is the commentary in the mind and the veil of illusion.

 Benefits For You

  • Untie past experiences
  • Release the charge from stored emotions and traumas
  • Become free to live your life
  • Feel confident, aligned, lighter and ready to move forward

How Sessions Are Done

The ego mind is questioned with an intentional and intuitive dialogue. This deep dialogue starts to unwind mental knots (conscious and subconscious) and emotional patterning begins to loosen. You are guided into custom visualizations and given physical cues to allow your mind to unhook from emotional traumas and memory. The mind goes through purification as the controlling ego is dismantled.

Activating the original pattern of perfection–your radiant body (essential self) and whatever is holding you back from living in peace and harmony, is found and a process of unwinding takes place. This is deep shadow work.

Who is This Good For

  • Long standing illness or injury (including Cancer diagnosis)
  • Feeling stuck or unhappy
  • People who want to live their personal truth
  • Increase career and financial status

Emotional Traumas

Everyone has emotional traumas (unless you’ve worked on yourself). They are formed during childhood when you experience things like ridicule, rejection, unexpected loud noises, shouting, hitting, accidents and cigarette smoke. More dramatic traumas such as war, physical, emotional and sexual abuse create deeper traumas. During emotional upset a part of you froze creating a marker or ding in the mind. The mind hooks into this ding and memory is created.

Do you remember certain events as though they happened yesterday? This is why. As we mature, new traumas are built upon older ones. As adults, we’ve become very wound up. People are quick to get into an argument over nothing. This is evident in society today—everyone seems angry about something.

KumariDevi reached right down into my “core” and turned me inside out. She allowed me to see ME without fear for the first time. Thank you.”—C. Daniels, Iowa

What You Need to Do

By continuing to move through life, the evolutionary pattern healing will impact what happens next. You’ll no longer be triggered into past memories; instead you’ll become fully present in this moment. From this place you’ll begin to appreciate life with a new sense of awareness and aliveness. Positive actions are needed by you to sustain new pattern alignments as old patterns will disappear after a short integration period. Come prepared to change. Read More

I had one healing session and two weeks later my estranged mother contacted me for the first time in five years. Amazing healing. I highly recommend it. Thank you!”  Anne F., Photographer

Pattern Healing

Patterns control all functions in the body and mind. The mind reacts to neuro-patterning to create ideas and concepts you live your life by. Patterns form from repetitive thoughts and unresolved feelings. Why you eat beets is a pattern. Why you’re married to your husband or wife is a pattern. Why you chose your career is a pattern. Disease is a set of patterns. All of life and the universe are created by patterns. It’s a pattern that leads you to the divine.

Get Started

Are you ready to live the life you always dreamed of?  Private sessions can go as deep as you allow them to go. This level of healing is not for everyone. The ego is challenged in sessions. This means you’ll need to admit you have issues. To get started send an email for additional information.  Email: hellokumra@yahoo.com. Please note: **The ego is challenged in healing sessions and people put up resistance and begin to get defensive. This is exactly what you want to let go of.

What People Are Saying!

“The difficult emotions and issues that were so pressing before the session no longer seem relevant. I connect more deeply with my inner being now and I’m enjoying inner peace.”  Catherine K., Healer, England

“The session was incredible!  The moment I scheduled the energy changed. Afterwards, I felt really drowsy and felt sparks of energy down my spine. I had a vision of layers peeling right off of me.” Cynthia S., Author  

Three Ways to Work Together

Starter Session

You’ll receive four MP3 audio downloads that will prepare your mind for deeper release. Work at your own pace. The downloads are powerful and reprogram old beliefs, habits and perceptions. Positive new patterns are also included. You are not working personally with KumariDevi.


Package of Three

One 90 minute healing session. Written intention and goal plan. Two 60 minute sessions used within 3 months of initial session. Comes with Release Control clearing Mp3 audio download.


Happiness Starts Here

Turn your life around in 8 weeks. Powerful, deep emotional intensive process. Set an intention and breakthrough the blocks.