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How it All Began

kumari-devi-master-teacherGrowing up an average Catholic girl in the Midwest and attending church daily. Latin masses sang to her soul and Christianity awakened her. As a young child she would converse with an imaginary friend with a father-like voice.

An innate desire for wholeness led her to her first yoga class in 1976. An early and natural curiosity of Buddhism guided her to attend many meditations and Buddhist lectures while pursuing her professional career in Manhattan. At a yoga lecture, the presiding guru pointed directly at her and said, “Young lady, you’ll experience nirvana in this life.”  Not fully comprehending the magnitude of this, she began her search to enlightenment.

From Manhattan to Los Angeles at the beginning of the new age, she was introduced to a kaleidoscope of esoteric opportunities. She attended powerful sweat lodges and pipe ceremonies Native American medicine men.  Studied Voice Dialogue (Hal Stone’s work), attended spiritual groups with Roselyn Burgere and Terry Cole Whittaker.

Part of the original core group of Bashar and Mafu channeling in Los Angeles, including Seth and Michael material, Merlin, St. Germain and the Great White Brotherhood and other channels. Deepening her practice, she sat with many Buddhist and Spiritual teachers, including Ammachi and Amma Sri Karunamayi. Later practicing meditation with Garchen Rinpoche in Northern Arizona. From alternative medicine to shamanism she has experienced everything  She taught herself homeopathy, herbalism and astrology.

During a “learn to channel” class she attended in Los Angeles, as everyone prepared to open up and receive data via spirit, a profound silence overcame the room and everyone felt a potent loving energy enter and channel directly through Paula. At that time, there were so many spiritual entities seeking human channels, it was common to ask, “Who is channeling through?”  The response came-call me whatever you want. She selected the name Jonathan. It means the “light of God.”  She consciously channeled around Los Angeles at different group events.

One evening, at an event she felt something sit down beside her and take over her pen, and she wrote out, “You can now call me Sanatkumara.” That evening changed her life forever. The events following were most definitely pre-arranged. She learned the imaginary friend she heard as a childhood was Sanatkumara. After this encounter, she began to channel publicly in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. She no longer channels in the traditional sense.

Spiritual Awakening

Her awakening occurred around 1986 when her mind silenced. It was nine years after the guru told she would experience nirvana. Throughout her awakening process, she says “It was as though the inner walls of my mind collapsed and all that I knew was not real. I began to fall in love with everything and everyone.” Meditating for hours, she attended week long silent retreats, listened to dharma teachings, recited many mantras and most importantly worked through her issues. Her awakening is ongoing and she experiences life from an enlightened perspective.

Who is Sanatkumara

Sanatkumara aka Lord Muruga (originator of the yoga sutras) and Subrahamanya (the energy that channeled through SaiBaba) is from Hinduism and where there’s the most recorded history of this heavenly deity. It’s said; Sanatkumara is the origin of human consciousness and gives form to many kingdoms. Sanatkumara is known as the “Ancient of Days” and other names throughout history. Sanatkumara is the first son of Shiva and the brother of Ganesh from the primordial family.

Early on in her partnership, Sanatkumara would say to her, “I am you and you are me.”  This means is we are all divine. You too have a higher wisdom in you.

How Sanatkumara Taught Her

Sanatkumara taught Paula (KumariDevi) from the inside out. She was told to throw away her books and only rely on wisdom coming from Sanatkumara. At first, (1983) there were two very distant voices, hers and Sanatkumara. She describes it as though someone was talking behind her. Then the voice began to shift from outside of her to inside until now it’s completely merged with her.

In meditation she was shown the truth of cosmic order and the Divine Plan. Teachings intensified and she began to see deep into the collective subconscious mind and how it reflects what we believe along with how patterns are formed by what we think and feel. She saw, the purpose of humanity and individual Soul purposes’.  Her third-eye opened and she began to see beyond space time continuum, into other realities and directly into the future and past the veil of illusion.

Under the tutelage of Sanatkumara, she was shown the inner workings of human consciousness, advanced healing techniques and the matrix-mind field or electromagnetic-grid, an energy phenomenon that scientists are just beginning to understand. Sanatkumara taught her everything she needed to know from the inside out.

One profound truth she realized was the greater consciousness we seek “out there” is already inside of us. The spiritual world is not out “there,” it is inside of each of us. The universe is in us. Everything that we are is projected outside of us so we can experience and grow from it.

Being in Her Presence

You’ll receive a direct transmission of love in her presence. She shines the light of awareness into the darkness and it awakens and transforms you. Some people feel it and some don’t, nevertheless you are receiving something. Some people describe it as a kundalini awakening. Some spontaneously heal. People say miraculous events take place around her. Her direct link to divine consciousness is undeniably present.

Teaching Worldwide

She began teaching in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the 1980s and started leading meditation retreats around the world in 1987.  She created “Workshops on Tour” where she traveled with 30 + people to sacred locations around the world, her first spiritual retreat was at the Harmonic Convergence (global spiritual event) to Hawaii, then to Peru, Bali, Tibet/Nepal, India, Egypt, Yucatan and England. Traveling to foreign locations she anchors a higher consciousness on the planet and repairs Earth’s consciousness grid matrix for future generations. Join her in Peru in 2018. There is so much more but we’ll leave for the book.

You can only grasp the measure of her by placing yourself where you can experience this transformational blessing.

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