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Meditation Retreats

Leading life-changing meditation retreats, workshops and group meetings throughout the world since 1998, KumariDevi guides hundreds of people like you into deeper explorations of self-awareness. Meditation Retreats are an opportunity to step out of familiar surroundings and into something different where you experience a powerful change for the better. Retreats offer a way to enlighten your spirit and awaken your heart.

Join us to Ireland in 2018

Past Retreats

Certain locations around the world were chosen based on the energetic signature they hold.  You are drawn to different locations unconsciously. Often all you need to do is walk the land; the actual steps taken become déjà vu and you begin to awaken to your truth.

Past meditation retreats have included Egypt (2), Bali, India (3), Peru (3), Tibet and Nepal and England and Scotland lasted fourteen days and provided deep introspection and profound personal changes for those who attended.

In Egypt we sailed the Nile on a private boat. The thought of sailing down the Nile stirred deep memories for many people on the trip. Later, we rode Arabian horses across the desert to the base of the pyramids. The next time we rode camels across the desert. Traveled to long forgotten oasis in the western desert and undistributed ruins. We could feel the energy under foot and wanted to dig in the sand.

At the Valley of the Kings tombs we walked down to an unexcavated tomb. Down a narrow passageway to a wooded gate. Stopped by the gate, we saw a shimmer of light streaming through and stones thrown around. Then white ghost-like-figures walked past us. Needless to say we were shocked yet elated to have witness such a phenomenal opportunity.

I remember walking up a steep hill in Peru with her. It was a very long hike. She found a place for the entire group to sit down and began to lead us into a guided meditation. The energy of Kumari mixed with the energy of Machu Picchu was other worldly. All the tribulations to get to this stop were erased as the energy was simply divine. Catherine, Energy Healer

Peru Miracle

Ancient Inca energy holds cosmic secrets. In 1997, KumariDevi was told by Spirit to place an advertisement in Sedona Journal for two trips she was leading. One to Peru and one to Bali. She did, but at the time had no trips set up.  The magazine found it’s way to Peru and into the hands of Jorge Luis Delgado author of Andean Awakening who called her from Peru to the states. He said, “I’ll arrange everything you bring the people.” She got 25 people together and met Jorge Luis Delgado in Peru. He also said he had a picture of Sanatkumara in his office. It was her first international spiritual trip and felt safe in the hands of Jorge. Peru was much different back in 1998. Lake Titicaca was not very open. Transportation was very challenging.

We stayed at the hotel at the top of Machu Picchu looking directly out at the famous landscape. KumariDevi’s trip was over Mother’s Day, so she led her group in meditation at the “Mother Rock” in MP.  You can see the entire group with their hearts open on the rock. After they stepped away a pink light illuminated the rock.

Later they traveled to the Temple of the Moon in the middle of Lake Titicaca (Bolivia). The entire group sat in a circle around KumariDevi (Paula) as she led a meditation to remember truth.

Sanatkumara channeled through her and said, “Do you remember? What do you remember?  I am your father and I am your mother. I come to union inside of you this day. I have birthed from the earth and from the heavens. I am you. I activate your memory.  I activate this land termed Peru. I activate vision and purpose and you. Do you remember?

What do you feel?  Do you feel happy? Do you feel energy? Do feel loved? Are you ready to receive? What do you feel? Feel my love. Imagine me the center and you are the spokes of the wheel. As I radiate out to you feel my love? In the creation of this planet called Terra I have come as a messenger for my father and for my mother. Feel my love. I want you to feel me.

I am a transformer. I am the key. I want you to feel me. The frequencies I bring are not something you have felt in a very long time. For thousands of years you have not felt the truth of you. You have pretended. You have pretended because it was difficult. You have pretended because you have not wanted to know you. I bring you, your truth. Remember. Remember.”

See the Solar Disc now placed inside of you–it’s rising. Representing the awakening of an enlightened humanity. After the meditation on the Isle of the Moon, a picture was taken over Kumari’s (Paula’s) head. The Solar Disc rose in the picture.


Machu-Picchu-mother-wall-pink light-new


2018 Meditation Retreat

Northern Ireland and Peru and the Sacred Valley. Space is limited and open to 12 people max. Learn more by emailing us at


The first meditation retreat to India was to the southern Tamil Nadu. Here we traced the heritage of Sanatkumara via Lord Muruga temples peppered through the region. Starting in Chennai and traveling to Bangalore to visit with SaiBaba. We found a larger than life statue of Subramanya (Sanatkumara) at Sai Baba’s temple. 

Following a direct line of energy down to Vivekananda Memorial at Kanyakumari and venturing back up the west coast to Palani and Kerala. At Palani we walked 650 steps up and down. The Hindi guide informed us that we would not be allowed into the inner sanctuary because we were white. The next thing we knew we were being ushered in my local priest to sit directly into the inner sanctuary of Lord Muruga. The energy so potent even the guide was crying.


What People Are Saying!

“I went to Egypt with KumariDevi and had the most amazing experiences. When she guided us through meditation in the Great Pyramid I felt as though I released layers of myself that were no longer needed and replaced it with a renewed sense of my divine Self. This renewed Self propels me to move forward with an accelerated feeling of confidence, and new zest of life. I just don’t seem to fit into the “mold” of the person that I was prior to the trip. There are still days when I feel as though I’m still waking up from an experience in a totally different world.”

Minnie A., Sr Programmer

“I attended one of Kumari’s retreats. Afterwards, I knew I needed knee surgery. I didn’t mention anything during the retreat about my knee. When I left, my knee didn’t hurt at all. The doctor could no longer find any damage, and he called it a miracle.”

Mary R., Yoga Teacher