Balance Spray


Reduce Stress


Balance is good to calm stress and feeling overworked.  Perfect for relaxation  and centering.  Feel restored.

Instantly calms the nervous system and brings you back into your body. Balance Spray is an excellent room and body healing spray.

Mist directly after the shower as a refreshing pick me up and stay peaceful  throughout the day. Mist around your body, home or office to feel re-energized.

Chakra: Three.

Starter Kit

Balance, Protection, I Am Love and I Am Worthy and save. Go HERE.

Works Well With

How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist around your surroundings and doorways, bedrooms, children, spouses and pets. For animals, mist their beds and then allow them to sleep in the new energy. Do not mist onto your face.

Enjoy Immediate Results!



Proprietary blend of grapefruit, tangerine, geranium and clary sage essential oils, purified alkaline water and infusion of Balance gem elixir. All gem elixirs were made in a layout creating a mandala that speaks to your Soul.

Stones used in the layout include tabular quartz, sugilite, carnelian, pink and blue smithsonite, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, rhodochrosite, blue opal, amethyst, larimar, ruby, zoisite and tanzanite.

Does Not Contain

Synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.

How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist around the shoulders, heart and solar plexus, down the center-line of the body and generally around the room. Mist desks, paperwork, children and other family members, too. Do not mist into your face.

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 6 in


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