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Clearing Confusion is a room and body healing spray. It’s excellent to use when you feel overwhelmed or scattered. Instantly change confusing thoughts to clarity.

Clearing Confusion holds the energy of focus. Mist any time you feel confused or uncertain. Excellent to use in teaching scenarios to keep participants focused on the subject matter. Mist around the room, chairs and presentation materials. This keeps the presenter clear and focused, too.

Mist computers and around the office to keep a good focus during the day. Use also in massage therapies and feng shui and around pets.

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How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist in yoga studios, massage therapy, body-work. Also, mist around computers, books, classrooms or any educational material to enhance better understanding. Mist children, husbands/wives and generally around the room and body for best results. Mist around the heart and solar plexus areas. Do not mist onto your face.

Release Kit

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Proprietary blend of rosemary, peppermint and cardamom essential oils, purified alkaline water and infusion of the I Release Confusion gem elixir. All gem elixirs were made in a layout creating a pattern design that speaks directly to your Soul.

Stones used in the layout include green fluorite, skeletal quartz, carnelian, malachite, combination stone, heliodor, green apophyllite, moldavite, aventurine and peridot. Flower essences were added: Bottle Gentian  to help see situations clearly and feel calm a midst chaos. Water Hyacinth balances energy and is a non-judgmental.

Does Not Contain

Synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.Clearing-Confusion-Soul-Mandala

Learn more about the Crystal Soul Mandala >Here


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Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 6 in


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