I Am Love Spray

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Increase that Loving Feeling

Calms Energy

Sovereign Light Sprays are vibrational and healing sprays. Lightly scented with an all natural essential oil blend unique to the spray. The main feature is it’s vibrational properties. Made from a crystal elixir base formula see layout below (no stones in the bottles) only a highly charged mixture.

You are drawn to the correct product by how you feel not what you smell.

I Am Love Spray

I Am Love Spray is designed to increase love and happiness in your aura and energy fields. I Am Love raises your vibration to love. Mist around your body and home to clear away any fear, anger confusion and doubt.

Use in the bedroom to increase love between you and your partner. Especially use anytime you feel unloved or unappreciated. Mist after an arguments. Use I Am Love as a “love blanket” to cover those you love. Mist your bed and around the bedroom.

Mist around the house, children and friends and of course, you! Everyone deserves to be loved. Perfect for after massage therapy or bodywork as a finishing spray.

Chakra: Four.

Starter Kit

I Am Love, I Am Worthy, Balance and Protection and save. Go Here

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How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist around your surroundings and doorways, bedrooms, children, spouses and pets. For animals, mist their beds and then allow them to sleep in the new energy. Do not mist onto your face.

Enjoy Immediate Results!



Proprietary blend of orange, lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils, purified alkaline water and infusion of I Am Love gem elixir. All gem elixirs were made in a layout creating a mandala that speaks to your Soul.

Stones used in the layout include morganite, fluorite, kunzite, tabular quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and rhodochrosite. In addition, flower essences were added: California Poppy to nurture understanding. Black-Eyed Susan supports the experience of self-love.

Does Not Contain

Synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.

How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist around your body, especially around the heart — front and back. Mist into the environment. Great as a finishing spray after feng shui or massage or bodywork healing. Mist bed sheets and linens, and change the energy in relationships. Do not mist onto your face.


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