Restore Father Relationship


Fathers are your second most important relationship in life. They are instrumental in guiding men and women to become a better people.

What’s Inside?

This program consists of five downloadable audio healing sessions. When listened to in a specific order, they re-pattern behaviors and patterning that took shape when you were a child. You’ll find some cross-over between sessions, but it’s all good. The more the subconscious is addressed the faster the ego mind relaxes and allows the soul to emerge.

Session One: Restore Father Relationship

Fathers or male role models are you second most important relationship in life. Fathers teach children resilience, life direction, and how to make their way in the world. They teach how to respect talents, become self-confident, and develop your inner strength. Male role models dictate our relationship with the outer world and how it relates to each of us personally.  The first session addresses many life issues relating to abusive, absent, or emotionally distant fathers. Abandonment issues, lack of trust, and feeling unloved, and more is also addressed.

Session Two: Release Fear

Fear is triggered by real or perceived experiences from past emotional memory. The subconscious remembers. Part of you desires forward movement while another part red flags that movement out of a sense of self-preservation, or fear.  What are you afraid of?  The future?  Love? Living a happy life?

Buddha referred to fear as a delusion, a distorted way of looking at life. In Hinduism, fear represents the need to detach from the object creating the upset.

Release Fear addresses the unhealthy fear woven through life situations and tackles unhealthy fear, fear of the future, fear of love, etc.

Session Three: Release Control

Release control is added here because many fathers assert a level of control over the family, often though financial support.

We don’t like to admit, but we all have some issues with control. For most people, a compulsive need for control is a result of being neglected or abused as a child. If you were physically, verbally, or sexually abused, you likely have reached a point where you feel the need to regain control in your life.

If you’re unable to control your inner emotional state, you may be seeking things in your external world that you can control. While it may provide a sense of relief on one level, it does not solve the underlying problem, or reduce the real hurt and pain underneath.

In this session, we address the underlying emotional trauma of earlier life experiences so you can release the original emotional traumas and let go of control.

Control can wreak havoc on relationships and overall quality of life. Are you ready to release controlling behaviors and flow with the natural pulse of the universe?

Session Four: Release Unworthiness and Activate Worthiness

Living from a place of worthiness is powerful. However, unworthiness consists of self-sabotage, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. Often passed from generation to generation, it’s one of the three core patterns. Every day we experience situations that either boost our self-esteem or tear it apart.

As a child, parents are the biggest influencers of self-esteem. Children who are consistently criticized, berated, yelled at, or beaten by a parent quickly learn they are worthless. When a child is continually ignored, teased, or ridiculed, or if they are expected to be perfect all the time, they develop poor self-esteem.

Listed below are some of the issues addressed, but not all. Once the limitation is acknowledged, it begins to unwind and makes room for the mind to create a life-enhancing pattern.

  • Accentuating the negative
  • Putting others first before doing something positive for yourself
  • Wanting to change another person (partner, spouse)
  • Inability to accept compliments
  • Criticizing appearances
  • Money issues (poverty consciousness)
  • Overly concerned about what others think
  • Social withdrawal
  • Self-neglect
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Changing jobs often
  • Not feeling good enough

Low self-worth is frequently found in more serious conditions such as major depression, anorexia, anti-social behavior, domestic violence, hoarding, and numerous types of addictions. Sometimes we mask low self-esteem by over compensating.

Bonus Session Five: Life Purpose

Your purpose is yours. No one can determine another person’s definition of happiness and success, much less a life purpose, and expect you to fulfill it.

Often, you live from a place to prove something to someone. For example, a woman becomes successful in business to prove to her father she is worthy of his love. Or a man becomes famous for his business strategies to prove to his family he is a good man.

Purposes change as you develop more self-awareness. Finding your place in the world is exhilarating, yet often challenging.  The foundation of this awareness is directly related to the relationship with the father figure or male role model as a child.

Any type of fear around the father will cause women especially to grow up fearing the world or being seen in the world, and therefore they unconsciously push life away.

Listed below are some of the issues addressed, but not all. Once the limitation is acknowledged, it begins to unwind and then makes room for the mind to create a life-enhancing pattern.

  • Fear of the world
  • Afraid to be seen in the world
  • Self-sabotage issues
  • Afraid to take risks
  • Afraid of money
  • Indecisive issues
  • Afraid of showing up authentically

Peel the layers of limitation and feel clear, more grounded and lighter and restore a loving relationship with father and other men in your life. You’ll have the ability to select mindfully what is the best for you. This is self-empowerment.

Each healing MP3 session is powerful. Be patient with yourself working through all of them. You might find that some healing MP3s overlap. This allows for deeper work and more permanent results.

Five powerful healing sessions on MP3

  • Restore Father Relationship
  • Release Fear
  • Release Control
  • Worthiness
  • Life Purpose

A thorough program on the path to happiness and Self-realization. It gets to the core of suffering and liberates limitation.

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You’ll be receiving in this purchase five MP3 Healing Downloads. Before the healing began KumariDevi tuned-in and activated the consciousness grid. She does this to include any future people into the healing. Due to the nature of her work issues released and activated are as effective in recording as they are live.

Listen to the MP3s in a quiet place. Be in a place where you won’t be disturbed by family or pets, and do not listen while driving. Give yourself at least one week to process and integrate each of the four emotionally healing sessions. Continue listening for about four to six weeks and also after that time when needed to refresh the healing in you.  You’ll know the patterns cleared when you forget to listen to the recording after four weeks. Make sure you are not driving and are in a quiet and comfortable place.

Begin with Restore Father, Release Fear, Release Control,  Worthiness and Align to Life Purpose.

Thank you for purchasing Restore Father Relationship on Mp3. To save the file to your computer, click the right mouse button (clicking the left mouse button will only open the file in your browser) select “save target as” on a Windows computer or “save link as” on a Mac. On a Mac you might not have a right mouse button. In that case, hold the control button and click on the link. This is not hypnosis and the healing is approximately one and half hours long.

No not listen to all five in one day.  Listen one at a time.

Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you.

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