Restore Mother Relationship


Your Mother is not only an archetype but also the first relationship you have in life. She is number one and where the strongest bond is formed. The love between a mother and a child is unbreakable and provides support and encouragement throughout life. Mother’s are inspiration and devoted friends.

Mother + Feminine Energy

Goddess, priestess, warrior, Shakti. . .  the goddess of the primordial cosmic energy that represents the dynamic forces moving the entire universe. She is Aphrodite, Mary, Iris and Athena, scared, stirring, awakening and genuinely empowering.

The divine is alive, penetrating and sitting delicately at your core. Her dynamic feminine energy is ever changing with boundless intuition and creativity. Her presence is mystical and inspiring.

What’s Inside?

This program consists of five downloadable audio healing sessions that address the subconscious patterns preventing your full feminine self to rise.

When listened in a specific order, they re-pattern behaviors and patterning that took shape when you were a child. You’ll find some cross-over between sessions, it’s all good. The more the subconscious is addressed the faster the ego mind relaxes and allows the soul to emerge

Session One: Restore Mother Relationship

The relationship between daughter and mother is often challenging because the mother sees aspects of herself in her daughter that she dislikes. To fix the issues, she often over-parents the daughter and judges her in an attempt to help her become a better person. In reality, she’s attempting to fix herself.

Any emotional conflicts generated from mother-daughter or mother-son relationships must be addressed to succeed in life

Conflicts between mother-daughter often cause lifelong challenges that result in difficulty relating to other women, struggles with friendships and competitiveness, jealousy, envy and blame. It results in disappointment and sadness too.

Between mother and son: self-love, nurturing, fearful of being on your own, commitment issues and more.

Session Two: Release Rejection

Rejection is one of the major issues nearly everyone struggles with. Do you get a tight feeling in your gut when someone says, “No”? Rejection began in infancy when you needed Mom or Dad, and they said, “Not now!” Or it may have started around adoption, premature or perhaps you weren’t breast fed; these circumstances set up the foundation of rejection. Now as adults, we get emotionally triggered by others when people say no or they aren’t interested in something we want. Hurt feelings, feeling unloved, unexplained anger, constant disapproval and more are common.

Session Three: Release Trust Issues

Developing trusting relationships is between your mom and you is paramount to success in personal relationships later in life.

Trust is a fundamental behavior and without it life is often challenging. Lack of trust, which is a life stopper, causes us to stay stuck.

Trust is lost through a trial and error behavior that is learned.  Parents give children an ultimatum exchange for love.  For example, if a child does something positive, the parent will express love towards the child. Love is created with a reward of some sort. But, if love is withheld, the child feels rejected and begins to lose trust in the parent.

Trust is important because it allows us to form relationships with others and to depend on others for love, advice, and help—for anything. Trust is fundamental and begins so early in one’s life that the patterning is deeply ingrained in the unconscious mind. When we do trust, our hearts open, and we feel at ease.

Session Four: Release Unworthiness and Activate Worthiness

Living from a place of self-worth is powerful. However, unworthiness consists of self-sabotage, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. Often passed from generation to generation, it’s one of the three core patterns. Every day we experience situations that either boost our self-esteem or tear it apart.

As a child, parents are the biggest influences of self-esteem. Children who are consistently criticized, berated, yelled at or beaten by a parent quickly learn they are worthless. When a child is continually ignored, teased or ridiculed or if they are expected to be perfect all the time, they develop poor self-esteem.

Low self-worth is frequently found in more serious conditions such as major depression, anorexia, anti-social behavior, domestic violence, hoarding and numerous types of addictions. Sometimes we mask low self-esteem by over compensating.

This healing is powerful. In healing emotional experiences you don’t want to overwhelm the mind.

Four powerful healing sessions on MP3

  • Restore Mother Relationship
  • Heal Rejection
  • Activate Trust
  • Activate Worthiness

As you start to peel the layers of limitation you’ll begin to feel clear, more grounded and lighter and restore a loving relationship with mother and other women in your life. You’ll have the ability to select mindfully what is the best for you. This is self-empowerment.

You weren’t exaggerating when you said Restore Mother is powerful. Towards the end of the session you mention that the next day the listener might awaken feeling discombobulated – I woke-up exhausted. It reminded of how I felt after a shamanic journey a couple of years ago – completely knocked out.” Mark Y., Musician

Each healing MP3 session is powerful. Be patient with yourself as you work through all of them. You might find that some healing sessions overlap. This allows for deeper work and more permanent results.

Her work is amazing. I purchased mother issues and after listening to the healing for a couple weeks a long standing issue with my mom disappeared. It was a miracle. I just want to say THANK YOU!!” Joan H., Florida

A thorough program on the path to happiness and Self-realization. It gets to the core of suffering and liberates limitation.

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You’ll be receiving in this purchase four Healing Audio Downloads. Before the healing begins KumariDevi tuned-in to the collective unconscious to include you.  Due to the nature of her work issues released and activated are as effective in recording as they are live.

Listen to the MP3s in a quiet place. Give yourself at least one week to process and integrate each of the five emotionally healing sessions. Continue listening for about four to six weeks and also after that time when needed to refresh the healing in you. You’ll know the patterns cleared when you forget to listen to the recording after four weeks. Make sure you are not driving and are in a quiet and comfortable place.

Start with Restore Mother, then Release Rejection, followed by Activate Trust and finally Activate Worthiness.

Thank you for purchasing Restore Your Mother Relationship on Mp3. To save the file to your computer, click the right mouse button (clicking the left mouse button will only open the file in your browser) select “save target as” on a Windows computer or “save link as” on a Mac. On a Mac you might not have a right mouse button. In that case, hold the control button and click on the link. This is not hypnosis and the healing is approximately one and half hours long.

The MP3 healing sessions are powerful. Be patient with yourself as you work through all of them.

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