Starter Kit Spray


I Am Love, I Am Worthy, Protection, Balance.

Begin the day with Balance and Protection and complete the day with I Am Love and I Am Worthy. Each healing spray works with your energy body to create change. Mist around the house, bedroom and you for lasting results. Spray speak directly to your soul on a energetic level.

Starter Kit says:  When I am balanced and safe I’ll be worthy of love.

Enjoy Instant Results!

Pictures do not reflect what you will receive. Free shipping in USA. See details below.


Each healing spray as a specific task to either clear stuck energy or enhance the energy.  Mist all around the house to clear energy instantly. Made of a vibrational formula. No chemicals.

The pictures do not reflect these sprays. Soon we’ll be getting new pictures. Shake to activate. Do not mist your face.


Free shipping in USA only. We would be happy to ship anywhere with additional fees. Contact us first before you purchase to determine the shipping fees.


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