Financial Freedom


Financial Freedom offers three powerful healing MP3s to enhance worthiness to creating abundance and financial freedom.

Draw wealth into your life by being worthy. Release the blocks to money and abundance.

Before You Begin

Set a monetary goal for yourself before listening to the Mp3. Write it down and during the clearing, repeatedly look at the number. You’ll be aligned to the monetary value of the number during the healing.

Financial Freedom activates self-worth and sets positive intentions.

The emotional healing consists of fifty or more belief patterns released.

Here’s a Partial List of What’s Included

  • I am worthy
  • I believe in myself
  • I am good enough
  • I love myself
  • Release not feeling good enough
  • Release money fears

Purchase Financial FreedomMp3 and receive three downloads-

  • Activate Abundance
  • Financial Freedom
  • Activate Worthiness

Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you.

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Before the emotional healing begins KumariDevi tunes in and activates the consciousness grid. She does this to include any future people into the healing. Due to the nature of her work issues released and activated are as effective in recording as they are live. You’ll be receiving three MP3 audio downloads.

We recommend you listen to the MP3 recording once a day for three weeks, then as needed to increase the benefits of the healing. You’ll know the patterns cleared when you forget to listen to the recording after three weeks. Make sure you are not driving and are in a quiet and comfortable place. This is not hypnosis and the healing is one and half hours long.

Thank you for purchasing Financial Freedom Mp3. To save the file to your computer, click the right mouse button (clicking the left mouse button will only open the file in your browser) select “save target as” on a Windows computer or “save link as” on a Mac. On a Mac you might not have a right mouse button. In that case, hold the control button and click on the link.

Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you.

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