Yoga-Meditation-Prayer Kit


Peace, Surrender, Healing Feminine, Sanat Kumara.  Instantly create a sacred space with Peace, deepen your practice with Surrender,  release any old patterning with Healing Feminine and allow the grace of God into your life. (Sanatkumara–is the first son of Shiva in Hinduism and the brother of Ganesh). Use all four sprays together to enhance meditation, yoga and healing practices. Remember to affirm each spray as you use them. Shake to activate.

Yoga/Meditation/Prayer Kit says: with the grace of God, I live in peace, and surrender and allow peace in.

Enjoy Immediate Results!

Free shipping in USA only. See details below.


The healing room and body sprays clear emotional energy from your surroundings. The picture does not reflect what you will get. New pictures are coming soon. Shipping included in USA.

Does Not Contain

Synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.

How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist around the body, over the shoulders and around the pelvic and generally into your surroundings. Do not mist onto your face. Remember to affirm each spray as you use them.


Free shipping in USA only. See below for details. We would be happy to ship anywhere with additional fees. Contact us first before you purchase to determine the shipping fees.


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