Self-Realization is atma-jnana or knowledge of the true self beyond both delusion and identification. It refers to self-identification and not ego identification. Self means soul or spirit.  Self-Realization is the development of a relationship with the inner self. More practically it’s living your potential.
Realizing the self is to become aware of it. Not as a separate part rather that’s your truth without any attachments placed on it. Attachments are either words to describe or judgements to define something.

Self exists not as an object for another; rather as a subject to him or her self. Not from a place of ego attachment though. Depending on your level of evolution you’ll understand Self Realization differently.

The stages of Self-Realization are opening the mind from the patterning of limitation.  One common stage is learning how to love and open your heart, not just falling in love.  Rather living with an open heart.

This can be accomplished via meditation or through direct practice. Many highly regarded spiritual teachers conclude meditation alone can’t open the mind completely.  Thus the reason we offer monthly healing calls.

Awakening is an act of recognition, a shifting of your sense of identity into your higher self. It’s shifting from identifying with fear and struggle into a neutral and non-dual existence with no attachments placed upon it.

The purpose of meditation then, is to calm the mind and to bring focus to the ego aspect of the mind. The ego is like a jumping bean. It moves from one spot to the next with furry of distraction. Calming the mind is calming the ego aspect. It brings focus to distractions.


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