What is your truth? Do you know what makes you happy? What are you seeking in life?

Activate Truth

Truth is quality of being true to you. There are many truths depending on believe systems and there’s a higher truth. Living your truth is important. It means you aren’t being controlled by media or others.

The challenge is often how to get to your truth. We are born with our true essence and it’s the part that gets buried under life experiences.  This month you’ll access your truth and pull it forward.

Live your truth. Experience happiness. Resolve emotional conflicts. Be at peace.


  • Raise your vibration
  • Experience deep love
  • Mental clarity
  • Happier and self-confident

Group Awakening Calls are healing and meditative. Come away from the calls feeling enriched and restored.

Being in KumariDevi’s energy you receive God’s blessing. My heart opens every time I’m with her. Miracles seem to happen around her. Thank you!” Suzanne K., California

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Activation and direct transmission calls begin 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST (7:00 pm cst, 6:00 pm mst, 5:00 pm est). Awakening transmissions are a way to experience a deeper realization of beingness. Receive a transmission of higher spiritual energy. An accelerated peeling of the layers of the heart. It’s where you feel the grace of God blooming within your own being and live in oneness. Raise your frequency.

REGISTER here to activate your truth. March 22nd.  Click Here 

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