Whole Body Healing

In the western medicine world we have lost touch with the basic concept of true healing. We substitute a band-aid for a cure and wonder why we don’t feel better. People get ill for many reasons.  Each diseased state tells us that we are ignoring some part of our self and change is necessary. While many factors contribute to healing, and it happens on many levels, all require attention throughout the entire healing practice–ignoring the emotional and mental aspects would not provide adequate and long-term good health.

We can no longer look at one body part and heal it without incorporating other systems. For example if our toenails are infected with fungus it is ineffective to just treat the tips of our toes, rather we must look at the blood and spleen along with eating habits for the final cure. Physical symptoms like headaches, swollen glands, sneezing and colds including more serious diseases like cancer communicate that there is a disturbance in the emotional body.


Recent scientific studies have shown that emotions sabotage everything from simple success to kidney failure. Earlier emotional traumas like fear, anger, shame, guilt, doubt and worry stop the normal flow of energy in the physical body.  Limiting emotions undermine and over the course of your life cause unexplained and crippling diseases that end up controlling you.

The physical body falls apart because we fall apart emotionally.  When we don’t care for the ‘whole self’ the physical body simply mirrors those effects. Over the course of a lifetime emotions like fear and anger take their toll. Repressed anger diminishes the activities of the liver. Hopelessness and despair play havoc with the gall bladder.  Long-standing negative thinking deteriorates the entire physical being. Mental patterns like worry or a constant string of looping words weaken and actually exhaust the physical body. For true and long lasting healing to take effect we must look at all the systems:  emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

The spiritual body actually does the healing and only after we have strengthened the physical body and made some changes with the emotions by identifying and transforming limiting emotional issues like fear, anger and guilt.

Mental body– believes
Emotional body–feels
Physical body– experiences
Spiritual body– heals

Imagine how difficult it is when a cold and sore throat take over—do you feel like seeking out the emotional co-factors that caused it?  Or constant fatigue? There’s little energy to search for the emotional disturbances crippling the physical body. Strengthen the physical body with nutrients that are easily digestible and assimilate well.  I prefer liquid vitamin and mineral supplements rather than pill form.  Green drinks are especially nourishing and healing to the body.

Wellness of the entire being through holistic health is a whole body approach. Diet is the number one contributor to disease. Processed foods are poison to the digestive tract.  A good mix of vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and fruit is important to healing the body. If at all possible eat organic food or foods grown in community gardens or the backyard.  Know where your fruits and vegetables come from.  The longer the travel time to the stomach the less nutrient content the fruit or vegetables have.

Pesticides and coloring additives can cause sinus problems, allergies, constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis and even malnutrition to occur. Acid re-flux disease and heartburn are common symptoms of improper digestion causing an irritant in the stomach and upper digestive tract. Candida, a friendly bacterium oftentimes becomes a nuisance growing wildly causing organs and systems to literally shutdown.  The most common foods that cause allergies are corn, wheat and diary.  Making simple changes means a lot to the body.


Supplements:  We are pill-popping society and proud of it.  Supplementation is important because emotions, food chemicals and a hurried lifestyle play havoc on our digestive systems and we are unable to assimilate foods properly.   An overdose of natural supplements can also cause a list of new symptoms to occur.  If you take more than five different supplements you are taking too many.

Water:   Only 5% of the American population gets sufficient water each day. Diet drinks, high corn-syrup drinks and coffee do not count towards proper hydration; in fact many of those drinks cause gastrointestinal inflammation, kidney and liver problems.  To properly hydrate drink at least half of your body weight in purified water per ounce each day. For example, if you weight 150 pounds you’ll want to drink 75 ounces a day of purified water.

Exercise:  Lack of exercise stagnates energy. This causes the lymph system to back up and this congestion causes an array of problems to occur.  Walks around the block, yoga, qi-kung are good exercise programs for the whole body.

Natural remedies, including diet changes take a little longer to see results however, the changes are more permanent not just another band-aid for something else to pop-up later.  Turning disease around takes time and should include alternative healing, organic diets, pure water, natural supplements and exercise.  Wellness of the whole body provides accurate good health for the entire being.

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