• For Prosperity Attraction Spray Create a Flow

    Abundance is an excellent room and body healing spray. Create a natural flow of positive energy into your life. Abundance Spray raises your vibration to bring more flow into your life. Mist around your body and house to clear stuck energy around money or lack.
    "I ordered Abundance spray and the day it arrived I won a lottery. These sprays are magic. Thank you!! Helen F., Florida
    In Bali after the first sale of the day, the Balinese tap money over their merchandise to create a flow of business. Do the same thing by using Abundance. For store owners, mist around cash registers to increase the flow of money. For you mist around your work desk, your creative projects, business paperwork and of course yourself.

    Works Well With

    Enjoy Immediate Results!

  • Calls begin 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST (7:00 pm cst, 6:00 pm mst, 5:00 pm est). Awakening transmissions are a way to experience a deeper realization of beingness. Receive a transmission of higher spiritual energy. An accelerated peeling of the layers of the heart. It’s where you feel the grace of God blooming within your own being and live in oneness. Raise your frequency.
    Being in KumariDevi's energy you receive God's blessing. My heart opens every time I'm with her. Miracles seem to happen around her. Thank you!” Suzanne K., California

    Activate Truth

    Truth is quality of being true to you. There are many truths depending on believe systems and there's a higher truth. Living your truth is important. It means you aren't being controlled by media or others. The challenge is often how to get to your truth. We are born with our true essence and it's the part that gets buried under life experiences.  This month you'll access your truth and pull it forward. Live your truth. Experience happiness. Resolve emotional conflicts. Be at peace.


      • Raise your vibration
      • Experience deep love
      • Mental clarity
      • Happier and self-confident
    Group Awakening Calls are healing and meditative. Come away from the calls feeling enriched and restored. Purchase the Package and Save Here You are signing up for March 22 Thursday evening-Activate Truth Awakening Call.
  • Financial Freedom offers three powerful healing MP3s to enhance worthiness to creating abundance and financial freedom. Reprogram your mind about money and draw wealth into your life. The audio healing downloads prepare the mind to think differently about money.

    Before You Begin

    Money is energy. Set a monetary goal for yourself before listening to the Mp3. Write down a number. This is important for your eyes (retinas) to see the number. During the clearing, repeatedly look at the number. You’ll be aligned to the monetary value of the number during the healing.  When you set a monetary goal you place value on yourself. As the mind releases the old programming about money you'll begin to draw in new experiences. Financial Freedom activates self-worth and sets positive intentions around money and personal value. Here's a Partial List of What's Included
    • I am worthy
    • I believe in myself
    • I am good enough
    • I love myself
    • Release not feeling good enough
    • Release money fears
    Each healing MP3 session is powerful and prepare your mind to think differently. Be patient with yourself working through all three audio downloads. You might find that some healing MP3s overlap. This allows for deeper work and more permanent results. You'll need to take positive action towards your goals afterwards.

    Financial FreedomMp3

    Receive three audio downloads
    • Activate Abundance
    • Financial Freedom
    • Activate Worthiness
    The mindset healing consists of fifty or more belief patterns reprogrammed. All three audio healing sessions are easy to use. Sit back in a relaxed and quiet environment and day-dream about money flowing into your life.
  • Changing Addictions

    Addictions can change once you have the courage to look deeply at what is programmed within yourself. To make a permanent change, you need to look at what lies underneath the very first emotional hurt associated with your addiction. Where was the emotional behavioral pattern's starting point? Let's look at cigarette smoking but it doesn't have to be smoking it can be any addiction. To get to the core of addictive behavior, you want to locate the original feeling and emotional scenario associated with the outward action of the addiction. Ask yourself-
    • What made me take that first inhale?
    • What was going on in my life?
    • At what age did this occur?
    • Were there family arguments? Were parents breaking up?

    Ask These Questions

    To enhance the process and go deeper ask yourself these questions:
    1. How do I feel when I smoke, take drugs, etc.?
    2. Do you feel empowered, happy and content?
    3. Do you feel weak, depressed, sad, unworthy and unloved?
    Be honest and describe your feelings. Current personal situations are gateways to dig deeper into the underlying feelings at the onset of a physical addiction. Often addictions stem from needing love or attention from a mom or dad. Earlier life experiences set up the framework for adult lives. Whatever feelings arise they are okay. This is the place to be 100 percent honest with you. No need to cast another judgment upon your feelings or qualify interactions between you and your parents. This is how the emotional energy got stuck in the first place. The subconscious mind and earlier life patterning propel addictions forward. Healing any type addiction is a deep exploration into your own self and mind. You have the answers within. Keep digging for them. Understanding is knowledge and the key to this practice is understanding what drove you to the addiction in the first place. You'll be receiving FOUR healing downloadable MP3s-Release Addictions, Release Control, Release Rejection and Doing Something Wrong Pattern and a powerful guided visualization in PDF format. If you need assistance in this process sign up for a private sessions with KumariDevi email her at info@kumaridevi.org
  • Medical Intuitive Healing sessions are perfect to answer your questions about specific supplements, holistic healing and alternative medicine strategies. Receive a medical intuitive healing session and health coaching session for 60 minutes. Assisting you in restoring health to the entire being, KumariDevi specializes in identifying the root cause of illness and injury not just another symptom including the subconscious patterns.  
  • More Depth Medical Intuitive Reading

    Medical Intuitive 90 minute session includes more closely at your entire body not only the current symptoms. You'll receive a written report of what is found and how to balance the body. Included in this healing is an Mp3 download called Heal my Body. It addresses the emotional components of illness. It's free with this healing. If you would like to purchase the entire program called Heal my Body -- Go Here.  This emotional healing unwind the limiting beliefs around weight, control and fear issues. All which play a factor in the disease picture of your body.
  • Feeling rejected is a powerful and can cause all sorts of feelings to rise. How often do you feel rejected? Do you get a tight feeling in your gut when someone says “No”? Everyone has felt rejected at one point in their lives. Rejection is part of your human conditioning. Actors are told, “Get used to it. Rejection is part of the business.” An author is told, “Don’t take it personally.” Men and women reject each other in the dating scene all the time. But do you ever really get over it?
    I have one word for the Rejection clearing-Wow!!” ~ Daniel S.
    The feeling of being “rejected” begins in infancy. Rejection comes in many forms, especially around adoption, being premature, or perhaps not being breast fed. These circumstances set up the foundation of rejection.
    After the rejection clearing, I felt so peaceful, and in a place of feeling "all is well." I found myself crying to release feelings of rejection and of not being wanted. A powerful experience!  The next day I felt light, happy, and giddy!  Thank you." Minnie A., S. Carolina
    When someone emotionally triggers you and you react and feel hurt by a simple situation and wonder, “Where did that come from?” It's most often an old rejection patterning lingering in the subconscious. Unless released, rejection patterns create a magnetized attraction. This draws in people and situations that will reject you, over and over again until the pattern is rectified. Release Rejection Issues releases blocks and sets positive intentions. The Healing Activation consists of fifty or more belief patterns released.

    Here's a Partial List of What's Included

    • Release hurt feelings
    • Release looking stupid
    • Release feeling unloved
    • Release anger issues: Anger triggers a response when you feel rejected
    • Release trauma rejection: This happens around birth and during breast feeding
    • Release feeling rejected by mother, then other women
    • Release feeling rejected by father, then other men

    Purchase Release Rejection Mp3

    Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you.
  • Your Mother is not only an archetype but also the first relationship you have in life. She is number one and where the strongest bond is formed. The love between a mother and a child is unbreakable and provides support and encouragement throughout life. Mother's are inspiration and devoted friends.

    Mother + Feminine Energy

    Goddess, priestess, warrior, Shakti. . .  the goddess of the primordial cosmic energy that represents the dynamic forces moving the entire universe. She is Aphrodite, Mary, Iris and Athena, scared, stirring, awakening and genuinely empowering. The divine is alive, penetrating and sitting delicately at your core. Her dynamic feminine energy is ever changing with boundless intuition and creativity. Her presence is mystical and inspiring.

    What’s Inside?

    This program consists of five downloadable audio healing sessions that address the subconscious patterns preventing your full feminine self to rise. When listened in a specific order, they re-pattern behaviors and patterning that took shape when you were a child. You’ll find some cross-over between sessions, it’s all good. The more the subconscious is addressed the faster the ego mind relaxes and allows the soul to emerge Session One: Restore Mother Relationship The relationship between daughter and mother is often challenging because the mother sees aspects of herself in her daughter that she dislikes. To fix the issues, she often over-parents the daughter and judges her in an attempt to help her become a better person. In reality, she’s attempting to fix herself. Any emotional conflicts generated from mother-daughter or mother-son relationships must be addressed to succeed in life Conflicts between mother-daughter often cause lifelong challenges that result in difficulty relating to other women, struggles with friendships and competitiveness, jealousy, envy and blame. It results in disappointment and sadness too. Between mother and son: self-love, nurturing, fearful of being on your own, commitment issues and more. Session Two: Release Rejection Rejection is one of the major issues nearly everyone struggles with. Do you get a tight feeling in your gut when someone says, “No”? Rejection began in infancy when you needed Mom or Dad, and they said, “Not now!” Or it may have started around adoption, premature or perhaps you weren’t breast fed; these circumstances set up the foundation of rejection. Now as adults, we get emotionally triggered by others when people say no or they aren’t interested in something we want. Hurt feelings, feeling unloved, unexplained anger, constant disapproval and more are common. Session Three: Release Trust Issues Developing trusting relationships is between your mom and you is paramount to success in personal relationships later in life. Trust is a fundamental behavior and without it life is often challenging. Lack of trust, which is a life stopper, causes us to stay stuck. Trust is lost through a trial and error behavior that is learned.  Parents give children an ultimatum exchange for love.  For example, if a child does something positive, the parent will express love towards the child. Love is created with a reward of some sort. But, if love is withheld, the child feels rejected and begins to lose trust in the parent. Trust is important because it allows us to form relationships with others and to depend on others for love, advice, and help—for anything. Trust is fundamental and begins so early in one’s life that the patterning is deeply ingrained in the unconscious mind. When we do trust, our hearts open, and we feel at ease. Session Four: Release Unworthiness and Activate Worthiness Living from a place of self-worth is powerful. However, unworthiness consists of self-sabotage, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. Often passed from generation to generation, it’s one of the three core patterns. Every day we experience situations that either boost our self-esteem or tear it apart. As a child, parents are the biggest influences of self-esteem. Children who are consistently criticized, berated, yelled at or beaten by a parent quickly learn they are worthless. When a child is continually ignored, teased or ridiculed or if they are expected to be perfect all the time, they develop poor self-esteem. Low self-worth is frequently found in more serious conditions such as major depression, anorexia, anti-social behavior, domestic violence, hoarding and numerous types of addictions. Sometimes we mask low self-esteem by over compensating. This healing is powerful. In healing emotional experiences you don't want to overwhelm the mind. Four powerful healing sessions on MP3
    • Restore Mother Relationship
    • Heal Rejection
    • Activate Trust
    • Activate Worthiness
    As you start to peel the layers of the mind and limitation you’ll begin to feel clear, more grounded and lighter and restore a loving relationship with mother and other women in your life. You’ll have the ability to select mindfully what is the best for you. This is self-empowerment.
    You weren't exaggerating when you said Restore Mother is powerful. Towards the end of the session you mention that the next day the listener might awaken feeling discombobulated - I woke-up exhausted. It reminded me of how I felt after a shamanic journey a couple of years ago." Mark Y., Musician
    Each healing MP3 session is powerful. Be patient with yourself as you work through all of them. You might find that some healing sessions overlap. This allows for deeper work and more permanent results.
    Her work is amazing. I purchased mother issues and after listening to the healing for a couple weeks a long standing issue with my mom just disappeared. It was a miracle. I just want to say THANK YOU!!" Joan H., Florida
    A thorough program to prepare the mind to cease self-defeating thinking and restore positive life experiences. The path to happiness and Self-realization.
  • Purchase four Awakening Transmissions and save. Receive the MP3 the following day. Live abroad and the time is prohibitive? No problem register and we'll add you into the healing and activation. You'll still benefit and have the Mp3 the next day. Energy has no boundaries.
    • March 8--Live Your Truth 
    • April 12 Future Self
    • May 10  Compassion and Kindness
    • June 7 Self-Mastery
  • Every physical symptom has an emotional precursor rooted in earlier life experiences with family members. Any emotional trauma in childhood can cause us to hold onto energy and feel a need to protect ourselves from others. Unwind the patterning associated with old hurts takes time and this emotional healing Mp3 helps the process.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Many times weight issues are a result of “waiting” for something to occur.  Do you hold onto hope, expecting something to change and keep waiting and waiting? Weight issues can also come from feeling weighed down by life, relationships and careers. Are you living your life? Or are you living the life someone else wants you to live? In this healing the part of weight issues addressed are the emotional choices made from past family issues, particularly the mother and father. Release Weight Issues Healing releases blocks to losing weight and resets positive intentions. Included are about 40-50 patterns released.

    Here's a Partial List of What's Included

    • I love myself
    • I am good enough
    • I love my body
    • Eating sugar to experience sweetness in life
    • Release overeating to stuff emotional feelings
    • Release traumatic events that have been stuffed
    • Release overly-critical mom and/or dad
    • Release having a relationship with food instead of people

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    **Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you.