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Good news—your mastery is here.

Your spiritual path is a quest for freeing the ego mind. Liberation is the ability to truly be free and to live life without fear or doubt. Imagine how freeing it would be if your mind was silent. You would be living life from pure authenticity.

The ego mind, the part of the mind that says, “No way, I’m not enlightened,” is a like a guard protecting the true self. It’s the part of the mind that receives the most amount of attention and the part that dwells on conflicts.

Life is full of conflicts, and releasing the effects of conflicting thoughts and beliefs is the key to freeing yourself. Your ego mind might debate this article, saying, “This isn’t true;” it’s the job of the ego mind to keep you separated.

The more you work through your emotions and behaviors the more self-aware you will become. Self-awareness is having a better understand of personal perceptions  including strengths and weaknesses.

As you develop self-awareness, you are able to make changes in thoughts. Changing the interpretations in your mind allows you to change how you interact in the world. How mindful you are. As fear and doubt begin to cease, you’ll start mastering yourself and realize you have choice and a voice.

How to Awaken

How do you experience the true Self? By becoming more self-aware, and getting beyond old behaviors and thinking that stop you from feeling limited.

Awaken to your true Self and experience peace and love.Everything offered on this website is created to guide you deeper into your authentic and true essence. Anyone of these programs helps deepen your awareness and create space in your mind for deeper levels of silence.

**Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you because it’s an automatic system.

You’ll be receiving in this purchase four ( Awaken Your True Self, Release Fear, Release Rejection and Release Control) MP3 Healing Audio Downloads.

Remember this is a good start to unwind the mind. It addresses core patterning. A good companion healing is Restore Mother or Restore Father.



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You’ll be receiving in this purchase four (Awaken Your True Self, Release Fear, Release Rejection and Release Control) MP3 Healing Downloads.

Listen to the MP3s in a quiet place. Be in a place where you won’t be disturbed by family or pets, and do not listen while driving. Give yourself at least one week to process and integrate each of the four emotionally healing sessions. Continue listening for about four to six weeks and also after that time when needed to refresh the healing in you.  You’ll know the patterns cleared when you forget to listen to the recording after four weeks. Make sure you are not driving and are in a quiet and comfortable place.

Thank you for purchasing True Self Awakening on Mp3. To save the file to your computer, click the right mouse button (clicking the left mouse button will only open the file in your browser) select “save target as” on a Windows computer or “save link as” on a Mac. On a Mac you might not have a right mouse button. In that case, hold the control button and click on the link. This is not hypnosis and the healing is approximately one and half hours long. Due to the nature of her work issues released and activated are as effective in recording as they are live.

The MP3 healing sessions are powerful. Be patient with yourself as you work through all of them.

Please select carefully. Should you select more than one we can not refund you. It’s automatic system. We do not store credit card data on this site.

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