• 21-Day Dare to Be You Challenge is a way to know you at a very deep level. It's an emotional healing course. It leads you to a deeper understanding of who you are and to your personal truth. Open your heart to happiness and joy. The 21-Day Dare to Be You Challenge is emailed to you for 23 consecutive days. This should be an automatic process. After payment you'll see a box that says, TICK THIS BOX TO START THE COURSE. You must tick that box to start the course. If any issues arise please contact us at admin@kumarainstitute.com    
  • Alleviate emotional suffering by changing the shadow to light. Sessions address limiting patterns that create fear, disease, unhappiness and so much more. Healing sessions unlock the subconscious shadow and this releases the ego's hold on you. Three sessions must be used within four months of the initial session. Included in this package is Release Control mp3 downloadable emotional healing. **The ego is challenged in healing sessions and often people put up resistance and begin to get defensive. This is exactly what you want to let go of. In this package you remain in KumariDevi's energy field during the four months. This means you are worked on when you are off the phone. This is very auspicious opportunity. If you haven't already done so please, contact hellokumara@yahoo.com to setup your sessions.
  • Abundance

    This layout was named Golden Light at its creation. It represents the Golden Light of the Divine in all beings. It holds a high vibrational pitch and moves your energy into perfect alignment. When we raise our vibrations money and all types of abundance comes our way.
    • Chakra:  Six
    • Positive Statement:  I Am
    Stones Used:  Golden Calcite, Selenite, Golden Fluorite, Celestite, Aqua Aura, Phantom Quartz and Lapis. At the center of this layout is golden Calcite in its matrix, which represents our physical world. Calcite sits on top of Selenite, which bridges one reality to the next.  Here it represents the relationship of the lower and the higher Self.  At the top of the layout is a piece of gold and purple Fluorite, which helps to retrieve inner knowing. Celestite is a spiritual stone as it shines forth the light of the Soul into our conscious awareness. Rutilated Quartz crystals and Aqua Aura points radiate the golden Light from the twelfth chakra down to our lower self.  Phantom Quartz crystal represents our innate perfection. Lapis cabochon is the communicator and communicates with the higher frequencies and grounds all the energy down.  
  • For Prosperity Attraction Spray Create a Flow

    Abundance is an excellent room and body healing spray. Create a natural flow of positive energy into your life. Abundance Spray raises your vibration to bring more flow into your life. Mist around your body and house to clear stuck energy around money or lack.
    "I ordered Abundance spray and the day it arrived I won a lottery. These sprays are magic. Thank you!! Helen F., Florida
    In Bali after the first sale of the day, the Balinese tap money over their merchandise to create a flow of business. Do the same thing by using Abundance. For store owners, mist around cash registers to increase the flow of money. For you mist around your work desk, your creative projects, business paperwork and of course yourself.

    Works Well With

    Enjoy Immediate Results!

  • Self-sabotage finds a million different ways to undermine life. Feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy lead to victimization and a sense of lack. This deeply rooted pattern causes self-esteem issues and a loss of self-confidence to develop. Restore healthy self-worth and overcome self-sabotage with this healing. Feel self-confident and empowered. In this emotional healing session the unconscious belief patterns are addressed. Healing Activation consists of fifty or more belief patterns released and sets positive intentions.

    Here's a Partial List of What's Included

    • I am worthy
    • I believe in myself
    • I am good enough
    • I love myself
    • Release not feeling good enough

  • Awakening transmissions are a way to experience a deeper realization of beingness. Receive a transmission of higher spiritual energy. An accelerated peeling of the layers of the heart. It’s where you feel the grace of God blooming within your own being and live in oneness. Raise your frequency.
    Being in KumariDevi's energy you receive God's blessing. My heart opens every time I'm with her. Miracles seem to happen around her. Thank you!” Suzanne K., California
    You are signing up for February 15 Awakening Activation Call.
  • altar-cloth-burgundyAltar cloths add color to wooden furniture. Altar clothes and runners set the tone of your living or healing space. Essential for maintaining an ambience of healing. These two chiffon altar cloths are hand-made in India. Two colors: burgundy(1) or light orange(1) to select from. When ordering please indicate the color. Ships free in USA.altar-cloth-India-orange
  • Relationships are the clearest mirror of your own state of awareness. Attracting soul-mates requires you to release the unconscious barriers you believe about love. As a woman, unless released, you'll draw in your unconscious father figures. As a man, you'll draw in your unconscious mother figures. We all love our parents but do we want to marry them? Are you ready to be in love? A partner is available. All that is necessary is to magnetize yourself to his or her qualities and you’ll draw your partner right in.
    I purchased this Mp3 and listened to it a few times and then forgot about it. About a week later I met a man and we've been dating since. Thank you!" Carly D., England
    Are you already in a relationship? Attract Love is good for you too. Do you struggle with miscommunication? Do you really get each other?  Do you feel like you are two ships passing in the night? Attract Love releases emotional and mental blocks to love sets positive intentions. Included are 40-50 patterns released.

    Here's a Partial List of What's Included

    • I attract my perfect partner
    • Release fear of being alone
    • Release fear of losing personal freedom
    • Co-dependency issues
    • Release feelings of not being good enough for that perfect mate
    • Release confusion around being needed vs being needy
    Purchase Attract Love Healing Audio Download MP3
  • Calls begin 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST (7:00 pm cst, 6:00 pm mst, 5:00 pm est).


    • Raise your vibration
    • Experience deep love
    • Mentally clear
    • Happier and self-confident
    Start 2018 feeling secure and on purpose!  Group Awakening Calls are healing and meditative. Come away from the calls feeling enriched and accelerated. Purchase the Package and Save Here
  • Balance

    By selecting this card balance is needed today. Balance is key to mindfulness. Maintain a state of equilibrium during emotional exchanges. Use for harmony, stress and to calm energy. Balance brings you back into the physical body. Excellent for stress and anxiety.

    Balance Mandala

    Purchase Balance Mandala to energetically feel calm and at peace by transforming the paradigm of feeling out of balance. The crystals in layout offer a powerful healing to the subconscious patterning of feeling out of balance or ungrounded.
    • Chakra:  Third
    • Positive Statement:  I Am Balance

    Stones Used

    Tabular Quartz, Sugilite, Carnelian, Pink and Blue Smithsonite, Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Blue Opal, Amethyst, Larimar, Ruby, Zoisite and Tanzanite. The base is the large double terminated Tabular Quartz, which acts as a bridge and connects energy. Carnelian arrow and the Sugilite flow the energy through the spiritual lymphatic system. Pink and Blue Smithsonite balances the male-female polarity. Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline and Rhodochrosite energize the heart. Blue Opal moves the energy though the waters of the body. Faceted Amethyst shifts and allows for balance. Larimar holds a soothing energy by taking the trauma out of the transition. Ruby and Zoisite balance the heart to the root chakra. Tanzanite in the center is the thread pulling all of these energies together to work as a whole and balance the four-body system. This layout holds energy to easily connect and assimilate dissimilar energies.  It then bridges this energy so it is in harmonious communication.  When I created the layout I felt the infinity symbol moving between the stones.  The movement flowed and blended two different situations and two different vibrations. Tanzanite, in the middle is the crossover point.  The energy between the stones produces a feeling of grace and ease as it continues to blend the different aspects together.

    Added Help

    Balance Healing Spray
  • Reduce Stress

    Relaxation Calmness

    Balance is good to calm stress and feeling overworked.  Perfect for relaxation  and centering.  Feel restored. Instantly calms the nervous system and brings you back into your body. Balance Spray is an excellent room and body healing spray. Mist directly after the shower as a refreshing pick me up and stay peaceful  throughout the day. Mist around your body, home or office to feel re-energized. Chakra: Three.

    Starter Kit

    Balance, Protection, I Am Love and I Am Worthy and save. Go HERE.

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    How to Use

    Shake to activate. Mist around your surroundings and doorways, bedrooms, children, spouses and pets. For animals, mist their beds and then allow them to sleep in the new energy. Do not mist onto your face.

    Enjoy Immediate Results!

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